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drawn in 6 hours 18 min with PaintBBS
6 versions
3 hours 26 min
5 versions
2 hours 51 min
bluesky (Sep 26, 2003)
alright i got a collab goin whew this is my first... uh... it's obviously not finished...
bluesky (Sep 26, 2003)
drawn in 53 min
bluesky (Sep 27, 2003)
drawn in 32 min
nyao (Sep 28, 2003)
drawn in 1 hour 25 min
okie... me edited your part... and if you wanna change anything... feel free to. (colourz-bg; and lineart-fg) and now i gotta start on my french bochure.. still havent started yet... im gonna die... Probably will do my lineart on monday... depends on homework...
strangeoid (Sep 28, 2003)
*gasp* she's so cute!
marcello (Sep 28, 2003)
that's quite an impressive revision
ShadowKitten (Sep 29, 2003)
wow i likes shading very much.
nyao (Sep 30, 2003)
drawn in 39 min
me did a sketchie lineart for mine cuz i feel like it.. won't be able to colour tomorrow 'cuz lots of hw and study for tests
nyao (Oct 2, 2003)
drawn in 26 min
weee... finished colouring... now i dunno about the background...
Hotaru-chan (edited Oct 4, 2003)
this ish excellent!!! You 2 are very good callab. partners!! >___O

bluesky (Oct 6, 2003)
drawn in 1 hour 6 min
bluesky (Oct 7, 2003)
drawn in 21 min
kitty colored probly not finished coloring want stripes =^-^=
bluesky (Oct 15, 2003)
drawn in 27 min
just did a background as i saw fit... i know it wasn't our original plan i like it tho...
nyao (Oct 18, 2003)
drawn in 8 min
we're finished... bluesky's over at my place...
nyao (Oct 20, 2003)
drawn in 12 min
OK! Now I mark it finished...
bluesky (Oct 20, 2003)
drawn in 5 min
finally finito! ta-da! the final image! enjoy!
haruko_ryuu (edited Nov 10, 2003)
wow! great job! XD i luv the shading and the lineart is really detailed. great expression and cool little cat thing! is a cat right O_O'
nyao (Dec 31, 2003)
yes it is a cat thingie.... ^^;;;;;;
xCheex (May 13, 2007)
hey thanks for the comment wow ur awesome at drwing, i shud b gettin a pen drawy thingy lol so mine might actually be decent lol thanks agen xxx
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