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drawn in 4 hours 53 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
STARZSHINE (May 1, 2008)
STARZSHINE (May 1, 2008)
drawn in 10 min
STARZSHINE (May 1, 2008)
drawn in 15 min
STARZSHINE (May 1, 2008)
drawn in 27 min
FuzzyWuzzy (May 3, 2008)
You start at the eyes just like I do, if I can't see life in the eyes its like I can't seem to go on. I love your art Starz, you are brilliant at this, you really do amaze me every time.
enjoydotcom (edited May 3, 2008)
Coming up great so far. The right (our left) eye seems to be a little droopier than the other, could be that the ref you're using just has one eye lower than the other, in that case, I haven't said a word.
Also looks like lascaux is being naughty with you, it does that with me sometimes, making squares where I don't want them.
STARZSHINE (edited May 6, 2008)
drawn in 3 hours 59 min
Ok this pic took me forever to finally get it to upload, did it several times it wouldn't load, then I lost the pic 4x this time I got to finish it and it took me 4x to get it to load?? oh well at least it is finally done and hopefully this last submit will work
FuzzyWuzzy (May 6, 2008)
She is beautiful and I love how her head is slightly tilted, well done Starz. Those lips and eyes are amazing, I really love how soft this is.
Aakyra (May 6, 2008)
This is stunning Starz! This reminds me a little of John Bennet Ramsey... the little beauty queen who was murdered. This child's face has the promise of exquisite beauty as a woman... Perfection and innocence as a child. Brilliant and beautiful!!!
StGeorgeOfEngland (May 6, 2008)
What a lovely pic. Ref enjoys comment, we would all look pretty freaky if our eyes or even our entire faces were perfectly symmetrical. I love the soft pastel effect of this. She has a lovely sheen on her lips too.
gel_o (May 6, 2008)
Wow, this is really great Starz. Truly wonderful.
SooRa (May 6, 2008)
oh wow so prettyyyyy though I still feel the picture is somewhat incomplete still I would like to see more definition of the face that bleeds into the background. Perhaps u could draw it and set the opacity of the lvl lower so it's not so defined. I do love the lighting concept you're doing !
Sweetcell (May 6, 2008)
I'd like to see more of her right face as well, and softer lines in the hair, but best piece overall. Very angelic.
davincipoppalag (May 6, 2008)
This is just gorgeous Terry!
Wizzard (May 6, 2008)
STARZSHINE , This is simply BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!
gloworm043 (May 6, 2008)
How beautiful Starz...She is so pretty. Well done as usual..:)
backmagicwoman (May 6, 2008)
This is just beyond beautifull..I am just
Miss_DJ (May 6, 2008)
angelically lovely draw.
Cameo (May 7, 2008)
As everyone else said, this has an angelic quality to it. She is just adorable! ;o)
Mneeah (May 7, 2008)
she reminds me of an angel... the eyes are beautiful
QTgillie (May 7, 2008)
I love this here as much as there!! I also adore the look of the hair and the way the right side of her fades into the background. So many pieces of art here look too photographic and therefore no creativity involved.....just the exactness of a photograph. That is nice sometimes to show your skill, but why do some think reproducing the photograph to an exact T is art? Why not just take photos?

At any rate....this is a brilliant draw Starz!! Three cheers for sure and Bravo at that.
Roytje (May 7, 2008)
Did you saw the reference, Qtqillie? It looks pretty much like the photo.
But I really like it, nice colors and atmosphere :)
nekodesu (May 9, 2008)
Gosh the eyes are beautiful
2dluv (May 12, 2008)
Wow I really like it! Her eyes are beautiful
bette_davis_eyes (May 16, 2008)
this just absolutely blew my mind!! simply gorgeous
Kulu (May 18, 2008)
this is increadible
KGH (Aug 2, 2008)
Gorgeous. You have a really beautiful style.
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