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drawn in 1 hour 57 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
QTgillie (Apr 6, 2008)
QTgillie (Apr 6, 2008)
drawn in 1 hour 54 min
Wizzard (Apr 6, 2008)
hahaha, this is cool
QTgillie (edited Apr 6, 2008)
i meant to put this on intermediate.....not sure how it ended up here!
davincipoppalag (Apr 6, 2008)
Ha.. what an appealing face.. so cool
jpjp1052 (Apr 6, 2008)
Very cute draw. Makes you wonder what he is thinking.
Xina54 (Apr 6, 2008)
looks like he's thinking "huh? - what makes you think I know happening?" Wonderful expression Laura.
FuzzyWuzzy (Apr 6, 2008)
Oh that is adorable, well done.
gel_o (Apr 6, 2008)
How cute...sort of! Great job on this one.
gloworm043 (Apr 6, 2008)
Oh cute this little fellow is. He makes me smile...:)
Meno (Apr 6, 2008)
OMG, I can't stop laughing! He is SO adorably goofy, Laura! It's that "EH?" expression! Wonderful job there, girl ;D
QTgillie (Apr 6, 2008)
WOW....thank you everyone. Meno, you are too funny.
Cameo (Apr 6, 2008)
He is absolutly adorable. I want one!!! ;o)
Aakyra (Apr 6, 2008)
OMG!!!! OMG!!!! He is terrific! Put these in pet shops and they would sell a million! Adorable!
mooki (Apr 6, 2008)
i think thats illegal aakyra...
this is cute QT, (hehe theyre the same word..) i just love that expression
QTgillie (Apr 6, 2008)
thanks Cameo, Aakyra and mooki....I think they would be expensive!
Miss_DJ (Apr 6, 2008)
too funny and wonderful! looks like that beaks gonna come right through the monitor!
MissA_sketches (Apr 7, 2008)
It's wonderful! Love the eyes, beak, and expression there!
KuteDymples (Apr 7, 2008)
Too darned adorable! It sure looks finished to me. You do some awesome work!
QTgillie (Apr 7, 2008)
hey...Miss DJ, MissA and Kute.....thanks a bunch!
STARZSHINE (Apr 10, 2008)
cute very cute having fun, putting out more here than at s.f. I couldn't keep up with you!
horsefeather (Apr 10, 2008)
d'awwww its so cute! I like his expression alot.
QTgillie (Apr 12, 2008)
drawn in 2 min
Roytje (Apr 12, 2008)
I don't want to be rude, but this isn't advanced. Just like your last 2 drawings on this board. I think you've got talent, but this just isn't advanced quality.
FuzzyWuzzy (Apr 12, 2008)
Damn Roytje, if you would have read up a bit you'd have seen an explanation but hey, who am I to say. I can see why so many leave this site, why can't a person just enjoy a cup of coffee and a relaxing moment of drawing without some *ehem* jumping in and sucking the life out of you. *steps off soapbox and packs bags*
QTgillie (Apr 12, 2008)
Thanks are very dear. Not sure how I got on Roytie's case but que sera!
enjoydotcom (edited Apr 12, 2008)
Uhm, the different boards are there because some art is worth looking at longer than other art. Practise and doodle pictures are supposed to stay on beginners, drawings that take more effort/time and talent can go on intermediate and advanced is for artists who have been here for a while, proven they are good with the applet and know almost everything there is to know about art.
I have made the mistake in the past of posting on advanced where intermediate would have been more appropriate. Having said this, I think people are leaving this site because some newcomers seem to think that everything they produce is advanced quality.
So, I agree with Roytje and for him sucking the life out of somebody, his comment is verrrry polite considering the pounding others can give. Just don't post everything on advanced just because your friends say you're wonderful, this is an artsite, critique is a part of art.
QTgillie (edited Apr 14, 2008)
Please note one and all............I put this drawing here by mistake..........I posted that up top.
Sweetcell (Apr 13, 2008)
You can always ask Marcello to move it down it Intermedate or Begginers. That's what I've done in the past.

Oh and Fuzzy, get off your high horse. Roy was quite polite in what he said, not rude at all. The only rude remark I see is your responce to him. You see there are Standards for the boards (well there used to be) that stopped people from spamming with tons of sketches. This way it was easy to see that amazing piece of art that was put on Advanced or Inter or what have you. The rules are quite clear on this. Times have changed however. But Roy is a site eldar. He was here before you, before me even, and he has, therefore, the right to have an opinion. Everyone dose. But people thse days seem a little sensitive to any critisism or remark. Well guesse what, that's life. You should have been around when people weren't afraid to get into a down and dirty brawl.

I'm gonna be the bitch here (since some people already think I am) and put myself out for bashing and say that though some of her pieces belong on Advanced, many don't. Yes that's right I said it. No offence to you QT. You have the talent obviously, but a lot of your pieces look unfinished. Now having said that if they were just cleaned up, sofetned, and a few details put in then they'd fit in fine. But as it is (unpopular opinion, but it's mine) most look like they're Intermediate or Begginer's at best. If all your going to do is post in Advanced, then Marcello might as well just take down the individual boards. And not just you, I've seen others post in Advanced where they don't belong. But I'll wait for your reply to respond.

Now let the hate, the bashing, and the over all "YOUR SUCH A BITCH HOW DARE YOU...." commence. >:D
FuzzyWuzzy (Apr 13, 2008)
I've seen how you feel about my protection of a friend. The only thing I was trying to point out was that QT accidentally placed her picture on advanced as it was stated by her earlier and you all jumped in as I was told you would. You go on about how you've been here longer so its your earned right, well more power to you, I'm happy for you. Being here the longest makes you a true art critic not your art experience or your art education? Oh well, whatever, enjoy your doodle time, I don't do drama. By the way sweetcell, you aren't a bitch, you are just reacting as I did to help a friend. Adios
QTgillie (Apr 13, 2008)
My only response to sweetcell is that I wish to be left alone and I was hoping she would honor her promise that she would NOT be commenting on my pages.
patienceisoverrated (edited Apr 13, 2008)
Critique is part of learning about art. When someone critiques your art in an at least somewhat constructive way, it's not because they are personally insulting you, it's because they are trying to help. You state in your profile that you would like to improve. Well, as much as critique may sting (and I know it does!) that is part of how you improve. While you have the right to listen to someone's critique and then decide it is not relevent to what you are trying to acheive, getting snarky and telling them not to comment on your work anymore is not a polite or valid response. On the other side, the critic should understand that what they have to say might unintentionally step on some toes, and while it's not necessary to drown people in undeserved praise, a little compassion, and a little understanding when someone reacts badly, would smooth the process for everyone and ultimately be more helpful. Roy's comment was a polite voicing of opinion, the reaction it got was not fair to him. I agree that this is not an advanced piece, but that's all that needed to be said, next time, don't post where you shouldn't and we'll all float on happily in our little boat. As far as having drawn here longer giving you some sort of 'status' or more rights to an opinion, that's bullshit, and it's an attitude of exclusion that I think discourages people from hanging around here. Everyone (including me sometimes) just needs to drag that stick out of their collective asses and have a little more fun.

UHHG comment editing! please consider this as a response to what you had written before.
Roytje (Apr 13, 2008)
You say what I think, Jessy. I've told her that in memo's. It wasn't my intention to start a "fight" or something.
I think this is a great place to draw, so I really hope you'll see that, QTgillie.
Kloxboy (Apr 14, 2008)
QT: I agree, this is not an advanced oekaki applet painting. I also agree you've posted a lot of work on the Advanced Board that doesn't belong there. However, I don't blame you for thinking your artwork belongs on the Advanced Board, there are a few pieces by other artists on the Advanced Board that don't belong there either, yet no one is pointing it out. Had you listened to Sweetcell a while back, none of this would have happened. Maybe if she was a little more polite, you would have listened. That's all behind us now. The current situation is, the Advanced Board's rules need to be better defined and the moderators need to be more pro-active about keeping Intermediate (or lower) level submissions where they belong. As I've said before, if the boards aren't going to be regulated properly, the boards should be divided by "canvas size", not artistic ability.

I have one thing to ask you, QT, please learn to use the niftyToo system. When you post large links in the description section of your submissions, it expands the whole site to the right, which is not good. Thanks.
clover_pocky (Apr 15, 2008)
Shit, lol, my artwork never gets this kind of bitching.

Nice, guys.
I just think this bird is or looks like a faithful Led Zeppelin Fan
QTgillie (Sep 14, 2008)
LOL Marlonseppala and Clover pocky
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