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drawn in 3 hours 30 min with OekakiBBS
Showcase entry!
tappie_chan (Jul 9, 2003)
well...its not as smooth as i pictured it, but i suppose i like it anyway. hey! at least i finised it this time ^^! the hand is supposed to be really big, so its not that its out of proportion. so yeah...heres a little blurb i thought of last nigt as i was going to bed:

> she shivers, and the icey breeze that is reality shakes her from her revery. She has done it...the ultimate act of defense and retribution. But...was it truly hers to commit? Was she justified? As she ponders these questions, she retreats deeper and deeper into her darkening soul. Who will save her? In the end...she saved herself.

~the revenge of the flower

sorry, i was reeling with sleep deprivation...

tappie_chan (Jul 9, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
rosalyn (edited Jul 9, 2003)
OOoo... WOW! I like the story that goes along with it. It's so sad yet ...Wow! YOu drew blood! Can't draw blood! THis is great!:}
Turtlebuster (edited Jul 9, 2003)
hah! this is wonderful, tappie. your an excellent artist and your picture is beautifully done. everyone likes the classic 'sexy telepath girl in closed observation goes wild' scene. very classy :D
Xodiak (edited Jul 9, 2003)
Poor young lady... She had to kill the person, I guess that it was an evil man that wanted to rape her and murder her and she just defended herself. Awesome drawing! I love the blood! >:D
mazi (edited Jul 10, 2003)
forgotten-memory (edited Jul 10, 2003)
It's beautiful. Good use of the smudge tool. I'm so touched...although im not sure why
OneWingedMoo9se (edited Jul 10, 2003)
Dainty delicate rose flower= helpless female? I dunno cause of the title
Hey why can't it be a ugly female, with odd hair, wearing clothes way too big for her, who is a lil on the crazy side, thats is a lonely virgin that almost gets raped by a desperate dirty 57 year old man?
Oh don't mind me! I have no idea what Im speaking of. ::runs far away:: OooHH ::then comes back:: You draw blood splatters/smudges well! Nice messy hair.
tappie_chan (edited Jul 10, 2003)
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! *ahem* sorry 'bout that... *runs away giggling evily*
Sixelab (Sep 16, 2003)
the blood is so amazing! it looks really soaked in and..well..bloody, for lack of a better word.
I really love her legs ^^
CyrusDrake (Oct 21, 2003)
Nicely done. I feel totally newbish in saying this but, is there another applet that can smudge besides OekakiBBS, because I have absolutely no luck with trying to load that applet, but some of the others are working for me...
Nyuusen (Oct 23, 2003)
Blood makes me hungry, this picture is great though. The hand kinda confused me at first, but I got over it. Nice job.
LiLMac05 (Nov 28, 2003)
Hey bud, this is really aswome i also seen some of your other's really great
Darknightstar (Feb 28, 2004)
O.O...Its...its....its PERFECT!!!....Love the everything.....Nice Job with it all!
tappie_chan (Mar 31, 2004)
from mother; its about time U took heed from all my warnings to put on a glove before pick'n those damn thorny Roses from the garden-Excus my corny wit (Iam a mother after all) ..but perhaps it should have ben called "revenge AGAINST the flower" heee hee he...I make myself laugh. I too lov the blood. Its good work when you can contrive more than one story from a drawing.
HeadlessHeadbanger (edited May 16, 2004)
her green eyes and black hair are sexy ^_-......creepy pic tho. Im lovin it.
metalhead8363 (Aug 13, 2004)
blood always adds a n ice touch to a picture but thats just sadistic little me
Mipunai (Aug 17, 2004)
Awsome, I really like this one X3
aznanime93 (Sep 6, 2004)
lol GOOD drawing...Im ur fan lol
Jack_Fox (Sep 11, 2004)
Koo- I dig...I love pics like this...reminds me of my freinds art. Peace, Jack
Kenshin (Dec 6, 2004)
Why is her hand and arm all big? o_o
monkeyboy (Dec 13, 2004)
dude this us awsome
mukumuku (Dec 29, 2004)
this is the first picture i ever saw on this site, and it still amazes me to this day. this is so well done. i absolutely love it
kinkydoomhobbit (Jan 15, 2005)
Wow, thats realy amazing. Realy yummy but... I need a hug now, realy bad. XD lol. Great picture, I love your style :)
Split (Jul 15, 2005)
you should draw her like as if she were on a stranded island and her clothes were all torn up with blood all over then shed seem a little more terrified no disrespect to you or your drawing
Xodiak (Jul 15, 2005)
That sounds like a nice idea Mr. Split, you could draw that! >:D
snowprincess (Feb 13, 2006)
wow that is some really terrible foreshortening thurr
Rhiannon (Apr 29, 2006)
ooo I love it. I think the fact that it isn't smooth enhances the pic! Why is the hand supposed to big?
PKN (Oct 20, 2007)
Mmmmm, blood. This is awesome! However, the few blood spatters on the middle wall look a little ... odd. But, it's still good! :)
yellow.nutella (Apr 13, 2021)
Without context, this looks like Five Nights at Freddy’s
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