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Date of Birth: September 6th, 1991 (32)
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I love metal, comics(including the otaku variety) and skate boarding, I've got a band in the process "Pride of Darwin" I'm the front girl also playing lead guitar, I also have a manga in the process. I like quiet yet i love blaring my Metallica or Slipknot or watever i'm listening to IM me if i dont like you and i tell you leave me alone. Enjoy my pictures
thumbnail like a kind of slipknot/meatloaf look to it

Aug 13, 2004
thumbnail awesome

Aug 13, 2004
thumbnail i get the feeling you have the same taste in art as me lol yeah blood
Aug 13, 2004
thumbnail it reminds me of joey from slipknot for some reason

Aug 13, 2004
thumbnail i love this picture i like the evil one but "good" is so cute
Aug 13, 2004
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