forums2draw.netThis might be "The End" again.
Hakkai (edited Jun 18, 2003)
I did something horrible.. terrible. My own fault. I may never be allow on the computer ever again. No Oekaki-ing. No Aim IMing. No more working on no site. This maybe goodbye. I regret ever procrastinating. I'm sorry.. I am. I Left 2 draw before.. and it was hard. It seems I'm leaving it again.. for more personal reasons... maybe forever.. I'm sorry everyone. I really am. For ever knowing me. For reading this. For everything. I this may be the last day I ever have, being here. Most likely is... And look, all I drew is that little green bunny of me. A great way to go. This is was all unexpected. I'm so sorry...
concannon (edited Jun 18, 2003)
Aw, nooooo. *cling* We're sorry!
Shiek (edited Jun 18, 2003)
D= That's awful!
Einz (edited Jun 18, 2003)
no man
you're one of the best

Merulotte (edited Jun 18, 2003)
Aww, NO!
I'll surely miss your cute pictures... :'(
It feels as if all of 2Draw is going to be a bit slower in pace now. ;__;
mazi (edited Jun 18, 2003)
hakkai.. youre not *allowed* to go.. *pouts* its forbidden right here in the constitional charter of 2draw. *waves book around*

ok i just made that one up but you gotta admit its a pretty convincing argument..
OneWingedMoo9se (edited Jun 18, 2003)
Oh please dont go. I haven't even gotten the courage to stalk you yet. Oh I hope that whatever is going on that led to your depart will get all better. ;/
Maiko (edited Jun 18, 2003)
you have no clue how much i'm going to miss you..
you've been one of my best friends and sometimes the only reason i go online is to talk to you...i know how it must feel to have that happen to you...sometimes i despise asian parents......but you have to come back sometime and talk to me again, i'm going to miss you so much... ;__;
i swore to myself i wouldnt cry like this ever again, but i just cant help're one of my best friends, and even though sometimes you didnt respond really quickly and were really antisocial on aim, it doesnt matter
cuz you've been a really great friend, and your drawings were really great.
you've made me believe in myself, and gave me self respect, and when i was depressed and thought about suicide, you made me believe that my life was really important...
Hakkai, i love you, you've been the greatest friend, and i hope you come back really soon, or i'll just have to cry more...
bladefist (edited Jun 18, 2003)
....aww.... I arrived just a couple weeks ago, and it was your pictures that caught my eye. I would definitely say I've improved just from watching the animations of your... unique... art style. I myself have felt the pains of procrastination...

I really regret seeing you leave... and I've been here for mere weeks. I can't imagine how those who know you better must feel.
Best of luck in the future! I, for one, thank you for the artistic gift you gave everyone here!
Kazukie (edited Jun 18, 2003)
B-b-b-b-... BROTHER! *Crys* Brother I'll miss you! I remember when I first came and you were one of the nicest people! You always commented on my drawings and supported me! I missed you when you left and now you're leaving again? I'm not even going to get a chance to say goodbye because I bet you won't see this... ;____;
Zinc (edited Jun 18, 2003)
Hakkai will be back. -_- Guaranteed. I don't know if it's just one more comment or if she'll be back for good, but you guys will hear from her again.
- $
P.S. Kazukie, she saw your comment. o.O
Kazukie (edited Jun 18, 2003)
She did? I miss her.. still.. I wanna talk to brother! X0
Xodiak (edited Jun 18, 2003)
It's so sad Hakkai you are away, but I hope you will come again someday soon! >:)
rosalyn (edited Jun 18, 2003)
NO! I forebid it! You are so cOOL! You can't leave me!! *pinches self* Please let this be a dream....No! *cries* No,no,no! *thinks it unfare* 8{
Nanibunny (edited Jun 19, 2003)
awwwinnness. . WHY??!?!? >.< thats so stupid, you shouldnt have to leave! You are sooooo talented!!!! we're all going to miss you :(
i hope you'll come back ^.^
Maiko (edited Jun 19, 2003)
oh chill out...she has a good reason to have left...i think we should respect her by not whining about it (even though i did that too ~___~;;;) but she'll come back, and if she doesnt, i'll fly to NY from CA and kidnap her ^__^;;;
and hakkai, hopefully you can sneak on somehow? cuz i've got ur Sanzo x Hakkai picture all done
Minitsaru (edited Jun 20, 2003)
NOOOOOO! DONT GO!!!!! UR PICTURES ARE SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!.......... *tear tear* ='( -.-......... bye bye.......... NOOOOO!!!! well, you will be missed, i hope you come back some time ok! come BACK!!!!
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