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Ah, a profile, eh? Well, I'm fairly boring, so you can just tune out now, if you'd like.
Well, I like to draw, and especially so, color, and I prefer to make sprites and anthro pictures, although I am only good at fur-less anthros, and not even very much so in that category. I really like frogs, my favorite color is blue, my Element is Water... Um, let's see...
Oh, right. I might add more later, as I'm too absentminded at this time.
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thumbnail I believe that if you lose an artwork, you lose double the points it was worth... I think. That mean...
Feb 3, 2004
thumbnail M..math. Math. Ehh.
My worst subject, to date...
Sigh. Math today, History tomorrow, Biology, then...
Jan 27, 2004
thumbnail AH! Fire Emblem Seven?
I'm currently playing that. Lucius is one of my favorites, although Serra is...
Jan 17, 2004
thumbnail Uh, you didn't need to restate or elaborate, KO. I already knew it wasn't any good.
Jan 16, 2004
thumbnail I really like your style of eyes, for some reason. The scribble-shade method you use kind of augment...
Jan 15, 2004
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