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Hakkai (Jun 7, 2003) — edit
Second attempt at realism.. >_>;
Don't hurt me.. I know it suck already.. I still have to finish it! So It'll get better!!

Edit: Dooone!! The hair was the hardest part of it all! >_<;
Hakkai (Jun 7, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Einz (edited Jun 7, 2003)
don't put your self down

your good
Hakkai (Jun 7, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
mazi (edited Jun 7, 2003)
oooh purdy.. so much detail.. *_*;;

i think this one reminds me of someone.. cant put my finger on who though.. maybe its the buffy-eyes..? [/ramble]

though on second thought maybe not.. the details sexy.. though i vote more iris contrast/glare..
Marienkind (edited Jun 7, 2003)
there's this saying, "you are your worst critic." please don't feel that way, mr/miss hakkai who likes to have fun wuth gender. you're very talented, and i wish that if i could lick your hand, i could get some of your talent.

unfortunately, your hand is nowhere to be seen.
Hakkai (Jun 7, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Einz (edited Jun 7, 2003)
really great pic
great shading details
really great
you inspire me
OneWingedMoo9se (edited Jun 7, 2003)
This is extremely beautiful. Everything about is just wonderful. You have lots of talent and I worship you. Do not put yourself down, you're doing great.
mazi (edited Jun 7, 2003)

i HATE you.. (that meant in a HOOLYSHIT kinda way..)

*goes to find something to clean the drool up with*
Hakkai (Jun 7, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
concannon (edited Jun 8, 2003)
So pretty....SUCH a freaking WONDERFUL job. *stares*
Maiko (edited Jun 9, 2003)
*points* OOooooooooooooOOOOOOOooooo
Purdyfulls ^__^
Maybe you should take over my manga....i dont do a very good job...
nsn_superwoman (edited Jun 11, 2003)
amazing! it looks like it's sketched with graphite!
Doodlibop (Oct 17, 2003)
Who ever that is is very handsome!
Look (Jan 24, 2004)
it looks almost like a charcoal/pencil drawing. I love the shading and lighting. his expression is very nice!
hellodoll (Feb 4, 2004)
This is very impressive, hard to believe it was done online.
marcello (Feb 4, 2004)
Why? How is that any different from doing it offline?
bumpinthenight (May 25, 2004)
Very good... Interesting look he's giving the viewer... :P :)

Marcello: HelloDoll means that he/she has a hard time believing that such a well done piece of art was drawn with a tablet and a drawing application online as opposed to it being drawn with a paper and bunch of staedler pencils (plus, for me, a very good eraser!!!)
Ty854 (Aug 31, 2004)
This is really cool, nice job on the hair.
iwonderwhy (Sep 7, 2004)
My favorite part would probably be the hair. Very awesome! And this may sound weird... but that nose! That is really a killer nose! It's things like that that make the drawing look even closer to reality. Very cool. I think the only real advice I would give is to add more to the eyes next time (I'll let you ponder that and make your own decisions). The shape and realness are stunning, but I think you should look at the shading. Just some subtle shadows will add so much more depth. Gnarly job!
Miss_DJ (Apr 8, 2005)
this is terrific already! I can't imagine it isn't finished as is! yeah, and don't put yourself down. it seems artists do that so often and always without cause.
SeraphAzaziel (Apr 23, 2005)
Yeah...OK!!! Your telling me this sucks yet I'm the one lookig at it and getting jealous!!! I love it!
sephiroth54321 (Jun 23, 2005)
This is very good.
Miharashi (Nov 8, 2006)
This is awesome, nice contrast ^^ his eyes are just a nip too close to each other bet meh. Nice hair job. ;) The nose is probably my favorite part of this.
tyler_da_bomb2 (Nov 8, 2006)
yes u are pretty good u shouldnt be so hard on your self i could never be this good especially on comp i only draw on paper but this is really good i think most of u ppl on this site are really skilled to be drawing this good on a computer lol^-^
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