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drawn in 4 hours 37 min with OekakiBBS
alienated (Jun 1, 2003)
no, i haven't forgotten about this pic and i will finish it in due time.
thanx marcello in the recovery of the pic to here i could complete it! ^^
many appreciations!
alienated (Jun 1, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
alienated (edited Jun 1, 2003)
Manyana not "mantana". ~_~' *hates typos*
marcello (edited Jun 1, 2003)
Dude, the animation corrupted... you won't be able to edit it at all. (I can delete the animation, and you can try editing off the png, if you'd like)
xvolcomx (edited Jun 1, 2003)
That BG is nice, really nice.
I like when people spend time on their efforts.
Turtlebuster (edited Jun 1, 2003)
That's 'ma?ana', alienated >:P
very pretty clouds. reminds me of the 'cloud mufasa' from the Lion King. great stuff!
mazi (edited Jun 2, 2003)
holy shit. thats really effing cool.


keep drawing more =D
concannon (edited Jun 2, 2003)
So...good....and it's 'manana' with the scribbly line [~] over the first n. S'called a 'tilde'. Makes a ny sound. Again, brilliant picture.
marcello (edited Jun 3, 2003)
Ok, I removed the animation, note that this will flatten the image (better than nothing, I suppose).
sk8er_sketcher (edited Jun 4, 2003)
man.... dats crazy... this is one freakin awesome drawing yo, keep it up!
darkk_angel (edited Jun 6, 2003)
holy..... this is awesome!!! great job.. keep drawing... you have to finish this!
alienated (Jun 10, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
alienated (edited Jun 10, 2003)
*vows to finish in due time*
concannon (edited Jun 20, 2003)
*me again* Bwahahaha....hotness. *dies* He kinda reminds me of Vanyel, from the Last-Herald Mage trilogy, by Mercedes Lackey. [If you are a yaoi/slash fan, I HIGHLY suggest her books.]
beth92093 (Oct 15, 2006)
wow i love all ur pics there so kool
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