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drawn in 3 hours 48 min with OekakiBBS
Showcase entry!
pinklynx (Apr 8, 2003)
Blahhhh...=P lol.. should have finished my other one, but I did a new one instead 0,o .... i'm bored, and not real happy with how this came out... thought I could of gotten it to look better XD =] oh well ^_^''
pinklynx (Apr 8, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Tesia-chan (edited Apr 8, 2003)
WOW! This is gorgeous! I love the tone and colours, it's so soft and light. I love it.
Teej (edited Apr 8, 2003)
Very cool. Dare I say....HEAVENLY?

Reasonable rated 13+. Bravo.
marcello (edited Apr 8, 2003)
All I can say is: Wow.
...the face is so not you, though
furyofroy (edited Apr 8, 2003)
lol, yeah. Where's the cat mouth? j/k. This is very good! I love all your stuff that you do. :3 Umm. yeah.
ky (edited Apr 8, 2003)
What the hell are you all talking about? The style is all pinkylynx's. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's someone who thinks they know all about someone else's style. She's got pictures aplenty without the 'cat mouth'. Anyway, pinkylynx, I think it's wonderful, and I love angelly stuff.
method3 (edited Apr 8, 2003)
sensing some hostility here, eh? no need to get all worked up or anything. mmm... high quality stuff w/ nipple included =P seriously though i like how the texturing is done, and the lighting and all that, good stuff.
RazorClaw (edited Apr 8, 2003)
I thought angels were totally nude... *rolls eyes* lol jk...NO REALLY J/K
coffeejelly (edited Apr 9, 2003)
she's really pretty ^^
pinklynx should do a tutorial :'D
no1foo (edited Apr 9, 2003)
i love her halo and the light effect surrounding her. all your stuff is cool.
Knockoff (edited Apr 9, 2003)
Holy crap! Very good.
Ari (edited Apr 9, 2003)
I agree with crisann, you should do a tutorial. You are really really really good! *wishes she could draw that well*
Mnemosyne (edited Apr 12, 2003)
The background looks exactly like the sky! It's fantastic! pinklynx, you are truly amazing. By the way, Ky, how did you get intalics in your comment? When I hit ctrl I this weird freaky box pops up. I think I live my life in a constant state of having something wrong with my computer. Pinklynx, You are God.
nick452 (edited Apr 12, 2003)
man heide you have alot of fans (but im your best ^_-) i like the wings and the face eveything keep it up ^_^
Xodiak (edited Apr 12, 2003)
wonderful drawing! >;)
draw more please! >:p
nyao (edited Aug 14, 2003)
cool, nice tones... grea tlineart and colouring... and mist.. ^^ *worshipz your picz*
left_hander (Sep 1, 2003)
this is an awsome pic i love the heaven sene its kinda heaven hell if you know what i mean ;)
misho1337 (Oct 12, 2003)
I SEE NIPPLE!!! }8D ahaha
Look (Jan 26, 2004)
I like your use of tones, make the dress look like all shimmering! :)
Mipunai (Aug 15, 2004)
I like the toning, and the colors are really pretty. I love the outfit, and the wings and the hair n_n
~TaKeRu-San~ (Aug 16, 2004)
This is a fantastic piece of work, and I adore your wonderful skill at shading and toning (including being able to draw well with the mouse =p). As some people have commented, the sky looks incredibly realistic, and the small, blended light that descends upon the angel adds an awesome effect to the oekaki. Her posture is natural, and the expression on her face is tranquil and serene, something expected from an angel. Great job on that ^_^.

Now a little criticism, ne? In my opinion, the wings are a little too round: this an unique style that I had never seen, though I must admit that I like the normal technique better. Plus, although the wings' size usually depend on the being and the picture itself, I think that they -in this oekaki- could be a little bigger... maybe that would improve the work a little? Furthermore, her shoulders (at least her left one) may not be drawn so accurately (not round enough and should be connected more to the rest of the body), but I could be wrong on that one: I admit that I'm not so good at the body T_T. Just recently studying it more closely... *sweatdrops* However, I'm sure that the elbows are too pointy, and the nipple may be too big.

I love the angel's original face: the blush goes nicely with the whole drawing, I envy your amazing ability to emphasize the lips almost perfectly, and although I think that the eyes may be a little too narrow, I still like them ^_^. Did I mention that I also love their color...? The creases of the dress are great: they appear natural and smooth, which -for me- is a master's talent. The dress also has a certain gleam, which also contributes immensely to the oekaki. Plus, the wavy, green hair is magnificent, and it truly fits the angel ^ ^. Excellent work, to be sure~

P.S.: You are a NEWCOMER?! Did you already have some experience with this type of drawing, because I truly can't believe it. Okay, I'll shut up now: I'm sure my excessively long comment is now boring you. Lo siento*
Kenshin (Jan 6, 2005)
I read it all.. I am surprised somebody actually criticized this >_<
Split (Jul 9, 2005)
Shit ma n this is pimpin at its finest this is dam you aint trippin you kickin it this is a reasonable pic of a true artiist jthe angel is really powerful in the blush you know shh man well gotta hand it to you you deserve this you the man man really nice cant believe you drew this in time youll probaly be the best I'm speachless ah ah ah ah !
hi1022 (Nov 16, 2005)
Wow! It's pretty.YAY!
GoldDragonfly (Feb 25, 2008)
very nice :D
Axil62 (Dec 4, 2010)
This is crap
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