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I'm 15, love drawing, blonde(most of the time^.~)uh.... I have a tablet, not a mouse user , but I luv me mouse *huggles it* ^o^ and uh.. if you wanna become friends with me just send me a memo or you can I'm me at: blueberrykittin .... and my two fave quotes are:
"an eye for an eye, will make the whole world blind" "Wise men are fools with good memories"
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thumbnail =D thats really really good!! ^^ very nice lineart and cell shading ^_~
Apr 18, 2003
thumbnail I think shes 'very' cute =^o^=
Mar 28, 2003
thumbnail wow~ness =D this has a great style to it ^o^ its very kewl ^_6 *nibbles on the hair* =3
Mar 28, 2003
thumbnail Awsome, =D!! everything looks so cool.. so realistic *o*
Mar 2, 2003
thumbnail =D is that zecks? ...if so, I'm adding another yum to that XD =] good er..pic btw =]
Feb 28, 2003
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