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drawn in 4 hours 44 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 29, 2004)
some kinda backdraft, huh?

clock's at least an hour 1/2 long... lost my connection because my provider changed the dial up number and didn't notify me... took me forever to figure it out. Stupid hicks around here.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 29, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 39 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 29, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 5 min
Gigandas (Sep 29, 2004)
Do I see a demon in the flame.....???
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 29, 2004)
Yes, you do! :)
Gigandas (Sep 29, 2004)
I knew it!That's awesome :)!
spiritdweller (Sep 29, 2004)
one of my worst fears... thank you for bringing it to life :)
Kloxboy (Sep 29, 2004)
Cool idea, the fire looks great.
KNPMASTER (Sep 29, 2004)
too kill a mockingbird
Gracickle (Sep 29, 2004)
wow this is so awsome!!!! dont they say fire is like 1 ov the hardest things 2draw n make it look like its reaaly fire not just fake fine *trails of on thought..*
purple_Llama (Sep 29, 2004)
This is really effective.Nice one : )
davincipoppalag (Sep 29, 2004)
Cindy, this knocked me back for a second. It's very creepy, but..on Monday my neighbor's house had a fire, and it looks almost exactly like this, except they had a deck behind. The area of the fire, and what it looked like when it was burning was SO much like what you drew here that it's very eerie!!! (do I see Rod Serling coming....)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Sep 29, 2004)
I never told you I have extrasensory perceptive abilities? Guess I forgot. :)
davincipoppalag (Sep 29, 2004)
Well , I was thinkin that when I saw this!
Aubrey (Sep 30, 2004)
Looks great and I thought of that too Poppa when I saw this. Crazy.
Kasha (Sep 30, 2004)
this reminds me of a movie I once saw. So sad :( Good Job Cindy! I like the red smoke.
Pence (Sep 30, 2004)
That's so cool but the idea of a huose burning down scares me. *laughs then shrugs*
Zack (Sep 30, 2004)
I can't see the demon. ',:/
Lovely fire and lighting Cindy, as always.
Anna (Oct 1, 2004)
Super fire :D Very nice
Mipunai (Oct 1, 2004)
I love the colors, I see the demon in the flames too .__. The house is pretty, I like the lighting
bumpinthenight (Oct 6, 2004)
oooh... the shape of the fire is facinating... its like a fire giant is trying to squeeze itself through the window... XD that made no sense whatsoever... oh well... great draw, dba!
HunterKiller_ (Oct 9, 2004)
Whoa... DBA Toonah told me youre really elite and she was right. Man that is awesome and freaky too.
Cacau (Dec 2, 2004)
lol... Creepy... There was a photo like this, but in the place of the demon has a child that died in the fire... great pic!
vamp (Dec 10, 2004)
wow, cool colors
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