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xiau (Sep 28, 2004)
Eh... Some really old collab I kept forgetting to set to finished. So... Now it's set to finished! o_o;;
Actually... It's my -first- collab.
xiau (Sep 28, 2004)
drawn in 25 min
Mipunai (Sep 28, 2004)
Can I draw something?
Shmoopy (Sep 28, 2004)
Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me!
I like cute things. Who doesn't. <-- Rhetorical statement. No answer required.
Urei-sama (Sep 28, 2004)
hehe shmoopy.
may i join?
bumpinthenight (Sep 28, 2004)
may I join to draw a bunny head? XD
Maiko (Oct 1, 2004)
i wanna join too >3
p3ndragon (Oct 1, 2004)
Ooo pick me!! ^-^
mangaflip (Oct 1, 2004)
can i join plz miaoooo
HtPnkKttn (Oct 2, 2004)
may I draw?
Juicebox (Oct 17, 2004)
Hey, xiau, can I draw something? It will be downright adorable, swear to it. X3
Urei-sama (Oct 18, 2004)
she wont answer -_-;;
xxtaliexx (Oct 29, 2004)
me plz :) i swear ill draw something cute O:)
SanzoGirl (Nov 11, 2004)
i want to draw somthing!
bumpinthenight (Dec 16, 2004)
schmoopy still has the drawing locked... damn... I wanna draw king bear! :((((((
bumpinthenight (edited Dec 18, 2004)
drawn in 21 min
eep... compression killed it... XD another picture with 1 pixel lineart XD I dont think I like it as much as thick lineart... XD oh... I drew king bear :D XD some little character I drew a while ago in a plushies collab and thought was cute :D XD lolll XD

edit: yaargh... XD I should have refreshed my memory of his appearance before I drew this XD oh well... XD woot... still kinda looks cute :D XD
Cacau (Feb 26, 2005)
Can I join? Can I join? *wantstodrawaYoyo* Look, a PORING!!! *pets*
marini135 (Jul 18, 2005)
Can i draw????????????????????
marini135 (Aug 6, 2005)
drawn in 14 min
i called her baby pony and i have a whole series of her at the beach... in the bed... playing..
renire (Aug 16, 2005)
may i pleaze? may i?
whitebunny1063 (Aug 16, 2005)
Can I join?
whitebunny1063 (Aug 23, 2005)
drawn in 11 min
A cute,white rabbit
xiau (Aug 23, 2005)
Awww, so cute! Great one, whitebunny1063! It's so cute!
And marini135, adorable horse, too!
renire (edited Aug 24, 2005)
They are all so adorable, thankyou for the access, i shall start right away! ^_^

Edit: Once Whitebunny has unlocked it of course.......
renire (Aug 31, 2005)
drawn in 20 min
^_^ Meep! ^_^
marini135 (Sep 2, 2005)
SCREAM! soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! all it needs is a bg
renire (Sep 3, 2005)
Lol.....Please may i do the background?
marini135 (Oct 12, 2005)
drawn in 8 min
cuter pony
evilangel (Oct 25, 2005)
ur right these r cute things .... this is soo cute i want to collect them all
Prettylilies (Nov 26, 2005)
I'll do!^.^
marini135 (Nov 29, 2005)
drawn in 12 min
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