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drawn in 1 day 6 hours with Lascaux Sketch
Showcase entry!
Aubrey (Jun 22, 2004)
Yayyyy Finally done!! This is my lil baby girl Paige. The picture was taken in my car stopped on some tracks outside the neighborhood.
Aubrey (Jun 22, 2004)
drawn in 39 min
Aubrey (Jun 22, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 22 min
Still in the very very early stages but I'm dozin off sittin here so I'm headed to bed.
Aubrey (Jun 25, 2004)
drawn in 21 min
Dunno why I'm so tired tonight.. *rubs eyes*
Aubrey (Jun 25, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 37 min
Aubrey (Jun 25, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 7 min
This is takin forever... but ah well.. she's so cuteeee *pets Paige*
Aubrey (Jun 26, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 39 min
Gotta mow the lawn *sigh*
Aubrey (Jun 26, 2004)
drawn in 42 min
do bi do
Aubrey (Jun 28, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 17 min
Too many distractions.. I've been away from it more than I've been drawin on it lol I'll just come back to it after bit.
Aubrey (Jun 28, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 3 min
Watchin Reno 911 lol (more distractions)
Aubrey (Jun 28, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 31 min
Yayyyyyy onto the background
Aubrey (Jun 28, 2004)
drawn in 38 min
Feels like this is never gonna get done... *sigh*
Aubrey (Jun 29, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 3 min
Almost there... almost....... almost....
DinoFlorist (Jun 29, 2004)
Wow. but I didn't expect anything less. wow.
Gigge (edited Jun 29, 2004)
I know that feeling....but, Wow! This is so realistic. I love the perspective on this. It's going to be more gorgeous than it already is.
LovelyLori (Jun 29, 2004)
wow... wild pic.... comin' out GREAT ... you are soooo talented Aubs!
TheCrimsonKing (Jun 29, 2004)
This is so nice! I love the texture, to everything..very color pencil, pastel like. Great job on the dog, and even better job on the right-side mirror, the reflection looks extremely good. ^_^
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jun 29, 2004)
This is already absolutely fantastic... should memo a moderator for more space if you don't get a response from your message on the board. VisceralVamp should be around somewhere and I bet she'd give you some. :) Can't wait to see this finished.
laurael (Jun 29, 2004)
Another WOW here, Aubs...this is fantastic! You know you'll get your space on this...absolutely one of the best! :]
emmamommalag (Jun 29, 2004)
Holy cow, aubsy.. it's looking just like the photo! (((Paigey)))
purple_Llama (Jun 29, 2004)
Wow Aubs,this is looking fantastic.It looks like it from a picture book.Great stuff ; )
davincipoppalag (Jun 30, 2004)
(((Paigey))) aww Aubs this looks just like the photo so far! Great job!
Axil62 (Jun 30, 2004)
You do it good.
Kloxboy (Jun 30, 2004)
He looked out the car window and the world turned into a painting. Nice work, the finished product will rock, I'm sure.
Aubrey (Jun 30, 2004)
drawn in 5 hours 13 min
Hmmm sceered to save it but I gotta just incase there's an error.
Anna (Jun 30, 2004)
Aubs, you are the BEST :D I looooove this one toooooo! And Paigeeee! *hugs*
Pantera (Jul 1, 2004)
Oh wow! so much talent, so little space :) This looks GREAT!!
rosalyn (Jul 1, 2004)
Awesome job! I love it! Oh yeah I do!
Bumble_Beez (Jul 2, 2004)
WOW! This is really amazing! I can't believe it's not a photograph! (I can't believe it's not butter, LOL)
Aubrey (Jul 2, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 6 min
Dots.. Dots... and more Dots...
davincipoppalag (Jul 2, 2004)
Ain'tshe sumpin??!((Aubsyy))
Aubrey (Jul 3, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 14 min
The dots are killin me.. I'm gonna try to finish this up tomorrow. My eyes feel like they're goin crosseyed lol can't concentrate on the tracks at the moment. *sigh*
Aubrey (Jul 4, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 25 min
Sooooooooo close to finished and the tools stopped workin :'( Soooooooo close too *sniffles*
Zack (Jul 5, 2004)
What's that thing in the top left corner? Also, I can't put my finger on it, but something seems odd about the post on the right. Everything else about this is downright amazing. You're very talented.
LovelyLori (Jul 5, 2004)
blows me away what you're capable of girl!
Angel-Meiru (Jul 5, 2004)
Oh my! That almost looks like a photo!
davincipoppalag (Jul 6, 2004)
They are in a convertible zacky..thats the roof frame/top of the windshield chrome thingy.. Aubs is incredible.. and I hope she has a great first day at her new job today!
Aubrey (Jul 6, 2004)
You're right about the post Zack, I just put it there so I could go back to it after I finish off the gravel. Hopefully will look better after all that. And thanks for sweetness you guys :) Hopefully work will be better tomorrow Poppa :)
davincipoppalag (Jul 6, 2004)
I hope so for ya aubsey~
Aubrey (Jul 8, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours
Spent a long time away from this so the time's gonna be off, but ah well, tis practically done
Aubrey (Jul 8, 2004)
drawn in 31 min
Yayyyyy finallyyyyyy
xwindflyer (Jul 8, 2004)
This is outstanding! I very much like the reflection in the mirror. Just simply fantastic piece of work.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 8, 2004)
AUBREY!!! yippee yahoo yeehaw!!! I have been checking daily to see this finished.... and it is no disappointment... I LOVE it!!!! I am absolutely astounded when an artist does something uncomprehenisible by me... and I sit and look at it and go "how in tha heyall?" (excuse my Texas lang. but it is called for here, and with emphasis on the 'yall. :) I love my dog, too, and I understand the feelings behind this one and I think you are such an extremely talented artist. You need bastard board space, I think. :)
staci (Jul 8, 2004)
i love the mirror..i mean its all great but everytime i see this i stare at that little mirror..i get real close to the screen and squint at it.
nice work!
Aubrey (Jul 8, 2004)
Awww thanks!! I'm really happy you like it! I figure I should explain why the top is down and the window is up though in the car. Well.. you see.. when you put the window down it takes forever and a day to get back up (and sometimes doesn't even) cause the motor or something in it is dying.. such a pain in the arse... sooo bein a hot day and all I just said what the heck at least with the top down the heat'll get out. So that's the story. Sweet dreams everybody!
laurael (Jul 8, 2004)
Everything about this is totally amazing! How the heck you and Icats do greenery so realistically is so beyond me! You are the other queen of realism...this is one of THE best up here for sure.
starmarked (Jul 9, 2004)
wowie Aubrey, this is amazing, such a pretty picture, I like the soft colors used, I feel like I am right in the car too! Your time spent was well worth it for sure!
davincipoppalag (Jul 9, 2004)
Yea staci.. I love the whole thing too (includin the lil artist!) but I stare at that mirror too! Aubseys somethin sho..... (Cindy is right! get her on the EB board with all that room to draw and cut her loose!)
Rosemary (Jul 9, 2004)
wow this is wonderful!!!
diver2026 (Jul 9, 2004)
beautiful - and a great animation to look at
emmamommalag (Jul 9, 2004)
Where has this been hiding? I never saw all the revisions. Aubsykins.. this is truly amazing. You are the BEST! Paigey looks so happy to be out for a ride, doesn't she? Wonderful work on this. ((((aubsy))))
101_Torchic_101 (Jul 9, 2004)
Not A Showcase Entry? WHA?! ^^ It's Pretty Cool!
Aubrey (Jul 9, 2004)
Love you too Poppa :) You're somethin else too. The Momma ain't too bad herself! As for the Bastard Board space.. doubt I could ever make it on there.. but sweet of you guys to say. I'm just glad ya like the picture :-D
Supergurl103 (Jul 9, 2004)
nice, dba, always love ur art in the rear view mirror, and the dog looks so cute, got to love it ;)
gloworm043 (Jul 9, 2004)
This is unreal...Absolutely fantastic!!! It looks like a photo...Just wonderful job on this pic Aubrey...:)
angelbate (edited Jul 10, 2004)
what an ominous title ;) as everyone else has said, gorgeous. it simply looks like a photograph. i like how you've even got the window shine. great work.
emmamommalag (Jul 10, 2004)
Ummm.. Supergurl.. this is AUBREY's pic! And Aubrey .. yes you ARE worthy of the EB board. You are the best.. taint nobody here can hold a candle to you.
Gigge (Jul 11, 2004)
Yup, Aubrey is Elite material and I have no idea why this isn't in the showcase yet. Not much of a judgment call. This is absolutely fantastic, Aubrey!
EverDream (edited Jul 11, 2004)
This came out exceptionally well! Congrats on a masterpiece well done! XD
Project^Tofu (Jul 13, 2004)
man! it's kinda hard to believe that this isnt a photograph..although i think it's some very little of the parts on the dog that kinda give it away. aside from that, this looks so BEAUTIFUL! i especially like the reflection on the side mirror, really detailed ^_^
Mayan81 (Jul 15, 2004)
When I first saw it, I said
"Cool! Didn't know you could upload photos to!"
LEELEE (Jul 18, 2004)
I wish I could send you a pic of my dog De'Ogi, She's a shepard/pit mix and I swear it looks just like her. I'm amazed. very good job!
Knockoff (Aug 12, 2004)
oh wow. Thats amazing. You truely are an extremely amazing artist.
I will worship you, Aubrey. *worships*
Aubrey (Aug 20, 2004)
lol Knockoff, thanks for the comments everyone :)
Mipunai (Aug 20, 2004)
O_O It looks exactually like a photo, the first time I actually saw this I thought it was a photo XD
Cordelia_Pink (Aug 26, 2004)
This is my lil sister's comments: "If u put the actual pic of this with ur drawing.... WOW it would appear to be the EXACT replica of the pic!!! no one could probably be able to tell which one is just a copy and which is the actual photo. all i'm sayin is...
brilliant piece of artwork you got there! One word: masterpiece!;D:D:D"
spoiledvamp27 (Sep 11, 2004)
This is scary... The dog in this pic looks EXACTLY like my dog. I swear.. you colda taken a pic of my dog exactly, and placed it on there, and there would be no difference what-so-ever. Wow... thats freaky... Wow... I swear.. thats just really scary. *is in awe* You used a pic ref for this... right? If so, who'se dog is in the pic? It looks just like Ashley.
Aubrey (Sep 12, 2004)
Thanks for your comments, the dog in the picture is mine... I took the picture when me and her were on a car ride out findin parks to run around and play in. She loves that. Nice to know someone has a Paigey twin! lol
the_thoroughbred_lady (Sep 26, 2004)
life on the tracks -- ruff
Lauren_Garcia (Sep 29, 2004)
i was so confussed, i was like, how the hell did you get to uploa a picture onto here..and then i looked at your progression, i would like to say that you are my new mentour.

thank you.
manda23 (Dec 12, 2004)
Another wow. The whole picture looks amazing. I especially like the reflection in the mirror.
JK-Arts (May 6, 2007)
Looking back this needs more comments its too awsome and great.
Aubrey (May 17, 2007)
You're too awesome and great JK :-D All o' ya are! Still makes me smile everytime I look at it. Love my lil Paigey.
sincity (edited Jun 21, 2007)
There is just toooooo many great works on this site to comment to! :}
AlexaRow (Mar 27, 2009)
D: I used to have a chihuahua that looked just like this!! Her name was Prancy *cause when she walked, she basically pranced* SO adorable. Good job on this!!!
Radical (Apr 4, 2009)
Hey, is the car a convertible?B/c in the rear view mirror it shows a whole car.
montezmaria (Apr 5, 2009)
This is amazing, wow! everything about this.
Suntan (Oct 4, 2009)
Holy cow..unbelievable work. Brought me closer to the screen! that a puff of smoke above the transformer box? The mirror is my favorite part..amazing. The whole painting is, really!! Love it.
firecracker (Oct 7, 2009)
This pic is absolutely amazing!!! I love everything about it.....:)
shell (Apr 2, 2010)
cool stuff
Suntan (Jan 31, 2011)
Saw you here the other day...hope that's a good sign! :D
dorothyblueeyes (edited Feb 14, 2011)
wow, what a wonderful doggie. are you using a digital camera,to take this? really great photo.
backmagicwoman (May 19, 2011)
Watcha think he's looking at back that way?..i bet it's baby possums.
Axil62 (May 19, 2011)
Yup, you can see one in the rear view if you have special electronic skills.
backmagicwoman (May 19, 2011)
You think your'e so smart! what with yer fancy lectronic skills!
dorothyblueeyes (Mar 11, 2013)
wow, so groovy, needs to be hung in a gallery ; sharp!! ;)
Axil62 (Jul 10, 2015)
Remember when people used to actually draw here?
davincipoppalag (Jul 10, 2015)
yea.. a lot are havin the java issue...
dorothyblueeyes (Aug 5, 2015)
well, beautifully detailed picture! nice doggie!(about the java; I keep refusing to update java, and keep putting it of; if I have major java trouble later anyhow, i'm going to "chickensmoothie oekaki", ask THEM how to get around repulsive new update.they have an expert tech head on their forum. they helped me last time java did this crap.)
davincipoppalag (Feb 24, 2020)
Aubrey is so good
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