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Day-chan (Jan 22, 2003)
n_n; He's so cuuuuute! I've seen ChinkyFlip's pictures and I just got the urge to do a D.N.Angel picture! this is to Kazukie, Azelrello, Marcello, Cherikit-chan, and everyone else who has been supportive of my work!! Gawd! Oekaki Central would always put me down and not comment on my works!

Day-chan (Jan 22, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
marcello (edited Jan 22, 2003)
Thanks! I love the swirls in the bg the best :)
ChinkyFlip (edited Jan 22, 2003)
Great job! And, Lol--you see? His hair wasn't hard to draw. :D! Lmao.
Day-chan (edited Jan 22, 2003)
x_x; It was so hard! Took me a few minutes just to get it to look right enough to be Niwa-kun!
ChinkyFlip (edited Jan 22, 2003)
Lol! But it turned out great! I love it. :) The way you do the eyes is 'awesome'.
Azelrellon (edited Jan 23, 2003)
That's super! And you're super! And you are super, too! Not to mention you! We're all just super! In a super super worldy ball of SUPERNESS!

This is great, and perfect and stuff! If only I could do something worthwhile. (Oh, and thankies for mentioning me. I dunno why you did, but thank you!)
Kazukie (edited Jan 23, 2003)
Yay! I feel so special! ^_______^
And this picture is too cute!!! I love the background, it's so neato!!! ^^;;
Mipunai (Aug 12, 2004)
Aww, it's so cute n_n The backround is so pretty n_n
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