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n_n; Kyahahah! Lookie! Me! Typing up a profile! this is so... weird. I'm not new to Oekaki! I've actually drawn on Oekaki Central alot in the Training Grounds. the Moderaters told me I could draw in any of the two starred rooms, but I don't want to. The people there draw so well! And so I stay in the Training grounds or draw here! Less stress! ^-^ Wai! I love Shounen-ai but I'm afraid to draw it due to the fact that most people don't really like it or might be offended by it. I also love drawing in general, but for some reason I can't color in the lines when using a crayon! >_<;
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thumbnail **; -drools- Hakkai is so sexah!! Although the pic you based it on was odd.. >>;

Jan 30, 2003
thumbnail Whhhhhhaaaaa~!! **;; So Purdyful! I could never get the eyes right for Son Goku!! ><; And it looks ...
Jan 30, 2003
thumbnail x_x; It was so hard! Took me a few minutes just to get it to look right enough to be Niwa-kun!
Jan 22, 2003
thumbnail n_n; Oh my god! h have someone looking up to me for once! -is short- >_>;;

Its GREAT!! Such a Bis...
Jan 22, 2003
thumbnail Lol! Welcome to 2 draw!! n_n;

This is so romantic **; The cloudy details are a good touch to the ...
Jan 22, 2003
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