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drawn in 6 hours 40 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Apr 22, 2004)
Just a splash of something. The other picture I'm working on is blinding me.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Apr 22, 2004)
drawn in 4 hours 18 min
RavioloiTheDancingClown (Apr 22, 2004)
WOW.. i love this.. im going to have sex with it........ I... I.. I..I...Iee...
laurael (Apr 22, 2004)
AHA! You just had to go and show me up(with the glass thing) you Texan yeehaw!!
I am SO know I love you is this ever fantastic already!
davincipoppalag (Apr 22, 2004)
Loogit all the tekillya you're spillin! sheesh... great job on the glass and reflection (<not a word about sharpness because it's nice and clear!)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Apr 22, 2004)
Thank ya'll, but nothing I ever do again will I consider to be halfway decent, even, just check out that picture under this one that Aubrey did! Geeeesh!!!! I'm embarrased to even draw anymore! LOL! (I still gotta finish this one, though, even though I've lost heart.... sigh.... :)
LovelyLori (Apr 22, 2004)
nice goin' so far Cindy
davincipoppalag (Apr 22, 2004)
Cindy..there's always someone better, or bigger, or richer, or somethin. It should inspire you to see work like Aubrey's, it gives us something to shoot for! I love your piccys... you need to get out in that yard and shoot ya somethin..then come back with a renewed vigor!
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Apr 23, 2004)
LOL davin.... I was only kidding about "lost heart"... there are tons of ppl better than me already... I just think Aubrey's stuff is so awesome it makes other stuff look crappy!!!!! LOL (I have been shooting my bow lately... had to get back in shape all this drawing was going to make me weak... :)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Apr 23, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 7 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Apr 23, 2004)
drawn in 8 min
Soshell (Apr 23, 2004)
wow DBA! this looks amazing! its so looks exactly like a glass with water splashing out of it right when the water hits the bottom of the glass. the colour and shine are perfect
emmamommalag (Apr 23, 2004)
You did a great job on the glass and the reflection. This is really cool.
davincipoppalag (Apr 23, 2004)
OMG..Cindy went Sharper! WHeeeeeee lol very good@
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Apr 23, 2004)
drawn in 6 min
staci (Apr 23, 2004)
good work..but there is something funny about the first i thought the right side of the reflection was over too far..then maybe they left side isnt bowed out enough..but then if you look at the glass it looks like it is reflecting correctly and maybe the glass misshaped *shrug* in a anycase well done per usual
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Apr 23, 2004)
It's because the light source is hitting the glass at a slight angle.
Knockoff (Apr 23, 2004)
This is great, dba!! It looks so real. o_o.
I also love the splash!! Its great, and you did a excelent job on the water!!
Aubrey (Apr 23, 2004)
DBA you're a sweetheart.. your work inspires me to do better. You're so creative... I have no idea how you make this glass look so realistic., it's so hard to do, and the water drops. Your other picture of the drop falling into the water was really great as well.
safescene (Apr 23, 2004)
this is quite wonderful, dba (now I've given in to the dba fad! what has the world come to?!) I love this one; great job :)
Kasha (Apr 23, 2004)
ARRRGH! I hate you!!! ....great work.
_INGRID_ (Apr 23, 2004)
O_O O_O O_O O_O is just fantasticcccc!
EverDream (Apr 24, 2004)'re crazy you know that? I couldn't do water like that if it killed me...wonderful job as always. You go girl! :D
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Apr 24, 2004)
I'm sure you could, too, ED, and better than I... I didn't even believe I could try to do a face until you encouraged me to keep practicing.. that's what gave me the courage to try... they still aren't good but maybe someday I'll be able to do ppl as well as you. You could prolly draw water so well we'd never be thirsty again. lol
laurael (edited May 1, 2004)
You know what? Yes, there are some ppl that do so much better at realism, or cartoons or anime or planes or water or skies or furries get the point...BUT I enjoy looking at EVERYONE'S work up here...everyone has their own style, and that's what makes the world go ''d be pretty boring if everyone drew the same way.
' with 'that' said...
Great job, AS USUAL go and sharpen up your shooting skills whenever you have to, but just keep comin' back here so we can enjoy 'your' work too...
Xodiak (Apr 26, 2004)
Ha! Xod likes the effects on your drawing, Cindy! The glass and water look crystally and transparent. I just look at your drawing and I feel thirsty! Awesome realistic drawing! >:D
Gigandas (Apr 28, 2004)
Hehe, the waterrrrrr......*stares at it*......that's some very realistic water you got going on there.The glass is good too, but the water seems more realistic.The splash effect is the most amazing here looking very realistic, makes you want to try and catch some of it.This is great work DBA :).
Mipunai (Aug 17, 2004)
Beautuful efect n_n
Scaramouche (Aug 24, 2004)
Its just so realistic its untrue. I love it! *o*
sephiroth54321 (Sep 11, 2004)
u sure like 2 draw water XD
Linwe_lover_1990 (Sep 18, 2004)
as soon as i saw the thumbnail i knew it was you. Great job again with the whole water deal. You rock DBA!
marcello (Sep 18, 2004)
um. again?
sephiroth54321 (edited Aug 7, 2005)
I have this picture hanging up on my wall <:D
Felistorm (Oct 23, 2005)
I am a fan so far. :D Love your artwork! Inspiring though I don't know if I'll ever get that good. :P
KuteDymples (Aug 20, 2006)
Whattya talking about...water. It is gin without the rocks. Actually this pic rocks. Great effect.
Trazor (Dec 19, 2007)
WOW the reflection kicks arse
populatis (May 14, 2010)
I like it very much
davincipoppalag (Aug 6, 2019)
taking forever to fill that glass
the.polaroid.demon (Aug 20, 2023)
w a t e r r r r r r r r
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