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drawn in 1 hour 59 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
thug (Mar 29, 2004)
a guppy
thug (Mar 29, 2004)
drawn in 31 min
thug (Mar 29, 2004)
drawn in 15 min
thug (Mar 29, 2004)
drawn in 21 min
thug (Mar 29, 2004)
drawn in 41 min
thug (Mar 29, 2004)
drawn in 9 min
don't have time to mess with it any more, maybe later I'll add in an extreme scuba diver riding his dorsal fin
LovelyLori (Mar 29, 2004)
great job! so lifelike...guppy my arse...
sal (Mar 29, 2004)
cool pic.... looks almost like a photo... good draw...
fleeting_memory (Mar 29, 2004)
I like the title but what's that black dot on his side?
thug (Mar 29, 2004)
you mean his eye? he has a nostril(well I guess that's what it is) up front and an eye further back, just like the photo I used as a reference.
staci (Mar 29, 2004)
buaha i love the title. tis awesome!
DinoFlorist (Mar 29, 2004)
hot goblins! this is extra super good. I'd give it an eel, but I'm sure he's eaten it already.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Mar 29, 2004)
OMG! This is so awesome! You really did it this time! Wow! edit: Oh, and I forgot to say, the title actually did make me laugh. (it got my gigglebox turned over. :)
tryagainpixie (Mar 29, 2004)
here fishy fishy,...Herrre fishy fishy...

oh come on damnit i had to say one else did X3
davincipoppalag (Mar 29, 2004)
He sees lunch.. he's grinning! Great pic thug!
Kasha (Mar 29, 2004)
lol, the farking title! I think there is an extra doodelydo in there though. >:) awesome pic Thug.
RavioloiTheDancingClown (Mar 29, 2004)
very very cool
strangeoid (Mar 29, 2004)
ROFLMAO!! If I were an alien, I'd abduct your title. Great photo-like picture, and the name made me laugh out loud (and get that silly music stuck in my head).
Soshell (edited Mar 29, 2004)
LOL i love your title...i subconciously sang it to myself while reading it cuz i knew what it was supposed to say...and then i started laughing...its great when a title has that much impact :-D oh yeah and your shark is kickin! (in a good way) beautiful stuff
ambermac (Mar 30, 2004)
great job, especially the sun beam reflections. have you seen nemo? best cartoony sharks ever.
Pandora (Mar 30, 2004)
I feel face to face with this guy in the water.Swimming the other way:) Actually it seems as if you have been up close to one to understand his skin tones. Unbelievable!!!
Wraith (Apr 8, 2004)
Yup.. One hellofa shark there... Eat you whole! :D GJ!
emmamommalag (May 3, 2004)
Wow, I missed this one. This is awesome!
101_Torchic_101 (Jun 26, 2004)
0_0 sharks scare me..but it's still i great pic!
manda23 (Dec 13, 2004)
He's smiling! Awesome shark :)
Felistorm (Feb 23, 2005)
Yep the title nearly made me crack up in the library. (darn you!) Great shark! I'm afraid to ask what he's grinning so hard about. :P (Feb 23, 2005)
that's one big guppy....
spiritdweller (Feb 23, 2005)
he's smilin' pretty for the camera :)
lol....nice name thug
15grifficorntears (Mar 5, 2005)
"We're gunna need a bigger boat."
shadowcrumb (Mar 5, 2005)
Crackin up!!! He looks full, (I don't think the boat was big enough) Hee Hee Excellent Draw!!!
InvaderPichu (May 14, 2005)
Very, very nice! Looks sorta realistic. The only thing that I'd suggest is to move the nose holes further up the snout, and the eyes lower and closer to the mouth. Still a great picture, though! =3
Eluhlan (Aug 13, 2005)
Really cool! Sharks are so pretty and graceful. You really captured its beauty!
KH44N (Aug 13, 2005)
Damn... this looks so real! Nice teeth!
dope (May 20, 2006)
i could draw better
Sweetcell (May 20, 2006)
Oh yes dope? Considering you never even did ONE picture here then by all means show how marvelous an artist you are and put us all to shame.


Oh, and look here, you only signed in 5 hours ago..... oh yes, your quite the artiste...... get thee back under thy bridge.

Cracking Thug, absolutely beautiful, I wonder what he spots that's making him smile like that. Heh heh, maybe he sees dope.
joox (Nov 23, 2007)
Makes me not want to ever swim again !! Good shark!
Cordelia_Pink (Mar 18, 2008)
What a fatty. He's a lot cuter than Bruce from Finding Nemo that's for sure.
Broken_Heart_ (Jun 29, 2009)
Waaa:X:X I like blue:X Is a nice shark:))
luxryu_09 (Apr 30, 2015)
estelleparson (May 12, 2015)
appropriate for this site, great prehistoric predator!
davincipoppalag (Jun 14, 2017)
just when you thought it was safe to come to the front page again.....dum dum dum dum....
shults (Jun 17, 2017)
davincipoppalag (Jul 17, 2018)
shark week
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