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drawn in 4 hours 40 min with Lascaux Sketch
Showcase entry!
laurael (Feb 14, 2004)
Lost the first one...damnit, so trying again...
I know...these pics have been done time and time again...but not by 'me'...
laurael (Feb 14, 2004)
drawn in 34 min
laurael (Feb 14, 2004)
drawn in 36 min
...more to go...haha...(it's too late to be sane)
laurael (Feb 15, 2004)
drawn in 3 hours 29 min
dixielandcutie (Feb 15, 2004)
OH wow! that is so pretty. the clouds with the sunlight...the water...the whales. oh wow. SO nice. *grin* you rock.
laurael (Feb 15, 2004)
Thanks's it going?
strangeoid (Feb 15, 2004)
That's really nice. me liketh it muchly. It's quite pretty.
davincipoppalag (Feb 15, 2004)
great job on the spash effect and the orcas..
staci (Feb 15, 2004)
love the whales..go here to see shamu live
laurael (edited Feb 15, 2004)
Thanks Icats...I clicked on that link and it shut my computer down!! Lol...

OMG...tried it again and that is so cool...thanks for that link after all...
The_Chosen (Feb 15, 2004)
orcanis orca or orcas or just killer whales i love them so beautiful i realy like this pic
Childlike_Vampire (Feb 15, 2004)
WOW I love the water. Lovely splashes. This looks very realistic, awesome job. ^_^
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 15, 2004)
This is absolutely beautiful. I love the way you did the water. So glad you had it in you to do it again! (Don't know if I have that kind of patience, lol) *Glares back at little thumbnail x where just posted picture* heh UGH. Your whales are just splendid, tho. :)
Gigandas (Feb 15, 2004)
Phew...finally got to this one^^;.I was on the phone first, then working on my final touches on my drawing, then I was eating dinner and changing my icon^^;;.Anyways, I just wanted to say WOW, you are definitely improving your skills rapidly.I was in shock when I saw this.The killer whales are great^^.Umm, just a tip for next time is when you make a splash effect, the splash should have different size water drops flying everywhere or it can tend to look a little unrealistic.But I am truly amazed though...*speechless*
laurael (edited Feb 15, 2004)
Thanks for the tip Gigandas. I really suck at 'any' kind of water droplets, splashes...or the nature thereof. Now to just practice, practice...
Alicia (Feb 17, 2004)
This turned out wonderful , beauty that is worth looking at is worth repeating.Although the hills don't really blend with the rest of the details .
staci (Feb 17, 2004)
very happy about this being in showcase. :D
Knockoff (Feb 18, 2004)
Looks awesome, I love it.
The whales look real, and the waters super cool,.
Great job.
Fluffysheep (Feb 18, 2004)
That is just amazing ! I can't get my eyes off the whales, they're just too well drawn ! ;)
Gigandas (Feb 18, 2004)
Hey, just wanted to say congrats in making it into the showcase^^*applauds*
laurael (edited Feb 19, 2004)
Didn't see 'that' one coming(showcase entry), thank you very much, uh, whoever did that...also thanks for the last words about the entry, Gigandas and
lucy_430 (Feb 21, 2004)
Congratulations for making the showcase. This pic totally deserves to be in it. >.< The water is amazing BTW.
rosalyn (Feb 21, 2004)
OH so Beautiful! Oh so very much! I love this so much! I just love whales! * bows and worships* You wonderful artist!
middlebrushes (Mar 21, 2004)
Awsome I love it I love whales Great job
Atsever (Jun 7, 2004)
Cordelia_Pink (Jul 11, 2004)
WoW *speechless* this is better than all those CGI effects and some other realistic animations attempted for special effects in movies. lol I love the whales and the waters. I think those two things really brought the picture to life, but realisticality (lol is there such a word?) isn't always the best thing, I guess it is how you made the picture looking really appealing.
aznanime93 (Sep 9, 2004)
man that looks real lol
Yuugi-chan (Sep 12, 2004)
so pretty!
Gigandas (Sep 13, 2004)
Hehe....from back in the days when I still barely knew ya :).It's always nice to come back and see this one.I love how you did those killer whales.....
davincipoppalag (Sep 14, 2004)
Yea Giggy. This is still one of my faves too.
laurael (Jan 26, 2005)
One of my favs too from the stuff I've done... shiny whales!
Salahare (Jul 27, 2005)
*gasp* My Favorite Animal in the WORLD!!!!
*sniff* It's so beautiful...
Lalayne (Jul 29, 2006)
OH.. My.. GOSH! That's so awesome! My favourite animal is a killer whale! Sweet!
Miss_DJ (Apr 15, 2007)
beautiful work Laurael!
davincipoppalag (Oct 7, 2019)
I wish she would come back
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