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drawn in 20 hours with Kleki
4 versions
13 hours
6 versions
59 min
6 hours
---Luna (Dec 12, 2023)
Just a place to doodle and have fun! Here you can doodle cats using simple shapes and recklessly color :D also, keep it pg no gore this is supposed to be fun
---Luna (Dec 12, 2023)
drawn in 17 min
---Luna (Dec 12, 2023)
drawn in 9 sec
PlainJerzel (Dec 13, 2023)
Can I be added plz?
RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 13, 2023)
i want doodle
PlainJerzel (Dec 15, 2023)
drawn in 8 min
I have 0 clue on how to draw regular animals but I guess I shall practice
PlainJerzel (Dec 15, 2023)
drawn in 6 min
Changed eye direction for natural appearance
PlainJerzel (Dec 15, 2023)
drawn in 17 min
Im proud of this
PlainJerzel (Dec 15, 2023)
drawn in 50 sec
Forgot smth
kik (Dec 16, 2023)
oh can u add me pls <:)
---Luna (Dec 20, 2023)
drawn in 35 min
PlainJerzel (Dec 20, 2023)
We need more felines
---Luna (Jan 19, 2024)
drawn in 12 hours
I forgot to submit this entry when I closed my computer so it says 12 hours even though it didn't
Fnaf_Rockstarfroxy (Jan 25, 2024)
can I draw a cat on here?
---Luna (Jan 25, 2024)
ok one last thing, because my mom is doing something so I still have my laptop and what not but still going away soon
kik (Jan 27, 2024)
drawn in 6 hours
jayfeather from WC ^^
PlainJerzel (Jan 29, 2024)
U can NEVER have enough.
susu (Jan 29, 2024)
I can add a tenacious cat
PlainJerzel (Jan 30, 2024)
drawn in 13 min
Wip redraw
PlainJerzel (Jan 30, 2024)
drawn in 12 min
Much better!
susu (Feb 21, 2024)
Can add me maybe?
---LunaDraws (Feb 23, 2024)
This me ---Luna on another acc because I can't remember my old pass so I add anyone, so this is closed except for those who have permission to edit the drawing.
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