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Gender: Female
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Avery, Ave, Frox, Froxy and/or Glitch
Neo pronouns? Clown/Rat??
Aroace lesbian demigirlflux
100% Queer and 100% "Rizzless"
Married to a cannibalistic demon lady (Rosie from hazbin) and the son of a cat man and robot bear!
(I divorced miku cuz she married my mom-)
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thumbnail nope! pond clan!! (my fan-made clan :3)
Feb 9, 2024
thumbnail oh ok!! ty!!! one of my friends has toy house and maybe they could give me a code or somethin!
Jan 31, 2024
thumbnail ok!! one more question! if someone gives out a code do they still have that code and are they still ...
Jan 30, 2024
thumbnail ahh ok! ig I'll have to get Twitter (x) to get them or I can maybe ask people on scratch cuz people ...
Jan 30, 2024
thumbnail What do the codes do??
Jan 30, 2024
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