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ShadowKitten (Oct 25, 2003)
I have seen multiple references to "mistah squinty eyes" on this site, and i was just wondering, who is he?
furyofroy (Oct 25, 2003)
I think he's a person Hakkai knows personally.

Marienkind (Oct 25, 2003)
character that hakkai god woman created. there's also hurt buddy, guy, and yogurt fiend, though the last mentioned isn't seen often anymore.
joe_shmo (edited Oct 25, 2003)
he is one of hakkai's charactors here is a pic of him
mazi (Oct 26, 2003)
all of the above actually.. its a character based on one of hakkais people.
correct me if im wrong here.
marcello (Oct 26, 2003)
it's a real person...
Zinc (Oct 26, 2003)
Absolute Correct Answer: 'Mistah Squintie Eyes' is a character created by Hakkai in reference to her boyfriend in real life. (God forbid if she ever made up her own boyfriends.) [X]
'Hurt Buddy' is just a made up character for Wasil. [X]
'Yogurt Fiend' is just plain made up. [X]
'Guy' is a character in reference to a famous actor. [X]
Hakkai (Oct 26, 2003)
Mistah Squintie Eyes, otherwise known as 'MSE', is a character that I've made up a few monthes ago... I think. He was based on this person that I kinda liked at that time, and as time went on, he got more and more like the person he was based on... althought I might've made him more of a bastard than he really is... So... Thats it! The history and life of Mistah Squintie Eyes.

Pairings for MSE? Well.. HB x MSE, MSE x YF, MSE x G, G x YF, YF x HB, etc etc etc. Use your imagination. >_o;
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