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Axil62 (Feb 5, 2009)
7 comments – latest 4:
Flubbles (Feb 5, 2009)
Thats why it was underlined.
jpjp1052 (Feb 5, 2009)
I wonder if Peggy Joseph still has hope.
Axil62 (Feb 5, 2009)
HA! I know! Can you believe that chick?
adxaidl3692 (Feb 6, 2009)
Good one, Buddy!
drawn in 24 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
sweet_insanity (Feb 4, 2009)
my friend claims i don't draw "hentai"
so i doodled this up to appease him...
18+ for nudity as you can see,'s suggestive?
thinking i might go back and smooth everything maybe color... who knows
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tscott (Feb 4, 2009)
take your time and come back later!and finish her off!lol
sweet_insanity (Feb 4, 2009)
i was thinking of it, but the anatomy looks way off
and have to hide it from my boyfriend (he's essentially the male model....)
Axil62 (Feb 5, 2009)
So, not drawing "hentai" is something to feel pressure over? I'm not sure I get it.
Hey man, you never draw hentai.
Yes I do! I swear!
No, no you don't!
Ok ok, I'm sorry I will, I promise.
Yeah well, you better.
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drawn in 24 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Intermediate 
PS (Jan 29, 2009)
I lost internet connection for three days and it just happened to go out while I was on a revision. I decided I didn't want to lose the revision so I left it up and worked a little more on it throughout the three days it took Comcast to fix the problem.
19 comments – latest 4:
FuzzyWuzzy (Feb 2, 2009)
Amazing angle, beautiful reflection in his eyes, perfect in my eyes.
bette_davis_eyes (Feb 3, 2009)
incredible drawing! love that reflection in his shiny eyes:)
sweet_insanity (Feb 4, 2009)
I am thoroughly's so cute and so alien!
good job!
LifeGotColour (Feb 5, 2009)
how lovely! excellent reflection surprised in the dog's deep eyes.
drawn in 2 days 23 hours with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Beginner 
sweet_insanity (May 24, 2008)
with a seed grows a plant.
a word, a phrase, a seed.
3 comments – latest 3:
davincipoppalag (May 24, 2008)
Nice concept. Good fire glow in the face
lori (May 24, 2008)
I like this for it's uniqueness
sweet_insanity (May 25, 2008)
thank you for the comments guy :D
drawn in 32 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Specialty Boards/Contest! 
Sweetcell (Apr 24, 2008)
11 comments – latest 4:
psychofox0 (Apr 25, 2008)
If he saves me will I be molested? o.o
Sweetcell (Apr 25, 2008)
Well honestly, what other bear can present hell better? He's already established. XD
Kanuto (Apr 30, 2008)
My master, Pedo Bear, approves of this portrait. =P
Star-chan (May 11, 2008)
Pedo bear :D
drawn in 52 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Intermediate 
DoOp (Oct 31, 2007)
20 comments – latest 4:
Jodylicious (Nov 10, 2007)
Its preettyyyy! I lurv the hair.. kinda looks like shes swooping down to someone in their dream or something.
deathking (Nov 11, 2007)
OMG this is amazing *nominates*
Sweetcell (Nov 11, 2007)
Oh it's beautiful. I was waiting for you to finish before I commented and now I don't have words. This is my favorite thing of yours. It reminds me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. That sweet innocent look. Those eyes and her hair. Absolutely gorgeous DoOp.
ichigokurosaki (Aug 12, 2008)
omg that is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!
drawn in 5 hours 29 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Resha-Murdock (Oct 31, 2007)
'Cus somewhere i swear I saw it's skull.
4 comments – latest 4:
Punky (Oct 31, 2007)
This is what pac-man should look like.
KNPMASTER (Nov 1, 2007)
that is awesome. i am almost inspired to make a game with pac-man like this.
sweet_insanity (Nov 1, 2007)
vlad.the.hamster (Dec 13, 2007)
Lol! Instant epic win!
drawn in 3 hours 4 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
sweet_insanity, Hakkai, Piksi, DoOp, and deathking (Oct 23, 2007)
Go ahead and note to be added.
be considerate and don't take up half the canvas (like me)
looking for maybe 4-5 possibly 6 people?

I'm being Silent bob, or kevin smith, this year
13 comments – latest 4:
tokyomewmew (Nov 1, 2007)
why is it 13+?
Fiesta (Nov 7, 2007)
Are you dressed as Hikaru or Kaoru? Anyways this colllab is awesome. :3
Skai (Nov 18, 2007)
Do I see a Hikaru? <3
pray4love (Jun 26, 2008)
me too? please?
drawn in 3 hours 41 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Beginner 
Kloxboy (Sep 26, 2007)
frozen dominoes
4 comments – latest 4:
davincipoppalag (Sep 26, 2007)
Sort of a half skull ,ghostly cave, spooky tunnel kinda thing
staci (Sep 27, 2007)
no dave, its an abstract. none of the above.
davincipoppalag (edited Sep 27, 2007)
Gee.. really.. an abstract.. wow.. I never saw one of those.. gee
sweet_insanity (Sep 27, 2007)
...h man.... h...

i likes the colors, they're cool, and seem to transition nicely
drawn in 58 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Arantir (Sep 26, 2007)
Inspired by Halo - Was too tired to go all the way, but I should be definitely revamping and finishing this one up.
Legendary down in 8 hours :D. I'd give you backstory on the scene, but it might ruin the game for some people.
Yar, don't let me slack!
3 comments – latest 3:
sweet_insanity (Sep 27, 2007)
Grats <3
i dig the charcoly effect
Arantir (Sep 27, 2007)
Thanks, do you think I should continue touching this up, or quit while I'm ahead?
Sweetcell (Oct 16, 2007)
It's so dark and undefined. I see a person lying down but I don't see what's happening with the bg. You should consider going back and defining things with more highlights and shadows, and not making things so soft.
drawn in 1 hour 12 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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