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concannon (Sep 9, 2003) — edit
Can't do the background. Because mkkmypet used the fill button on a layer, and then erased. And because of that erasing, or what was probably a brush with white as the color swatch, I can't do anything on the background layer and have it show up on the foreground. So...I'm just putting it as finished now.

concannon (Sep 9, 2003)
drawn in 1 hour 41 min
Hakkai (Sep 9, 2003)
-clings- Uber cute. o_O;

Unfortunately, its too late for me to draw anything today, but I will redraw the guy in a parka tommorow. I hope you don't mind me shifting your picture over to the right side of the canvas.. It won't look any different, just give me more room to work. >_>;
Marienkind (Sep 9, 2003)
this is the one that got deleted at first, right? ooh. (awaits) husky dominates the picture so far, so is the boy in the parka going to be squatting down next to him/her?

sigh. everyone seems to be collabing, and me a sad collab virgin. someone deflower me, dammit!
Eliafin (Sep 10, 2003)
CUTE!!!! *glomps* ^-^
Hakkai (Sep 10, 2003)
drawn in 1 hour 13 min
Done with my part.. A bit sloopy, but still pretty good. Now for the coloring... >_>;
mkkmypet (Sep 11, 2003)
Oh sorry guys! I didn't notice the collab lineart was done! WAAAA!! Getting to work now!
mkkmypet (Sep 11, 2003)
drawn in 1 hour
Please do not smite me for the ugly eyes on the husky. >_<

Will edit again later and work on the husky, and maybe start on bg.
Xodiak (Sep 11, 2003)
Very pretty drawing! The husky, the boy and the colouring are all very beautiful. Excellent work! >:D
mkkmypet (Sep 12, 2003)
drawn in 32 min
Wanted to add more, but i'm being rushed off to schoolwork. I'll finish it today!
mkkmypet (Sep 12, 2003)
drawn in 22 min
Ohhhh boy...
dragon_girl (Sep 14, 2003)
aw the huski is so cute
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