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mkkmypet (Dec 18, 2004)
Let me tell you a heart-warming story.

Robby was a rabbit, a single father of five. He was very poor, and he wouldn't have any money for Christmas; he barely had money for his family. He looked all over town for a job so that he could feed his family, yet none was to be found. Robby had almost given up until, on the first day of December, he got a job offer from Joe Macadeena, a toy store Santa Clause. "I need an assistant," he told him, "a cute little bunny would be perfect!" So Robby took the job offer, and it seemed as if he would finally make enough money to support his family. Robby was not happy, though. He was tired after work every day from little kids pulling on his ears and petting him (which was rather disturbing). The only thing that made him stay was knowing that he would be able to spend Christmas with his family. One day, he received some bad news from Joe. "I'll need you to work on Christmas, Robby," Joe told him. "Business is great with you as my assistant!" Robby needed the money, and he didn't want to let Joe down, so he worked on Christmas. He was sad and exhausted, but his spirits lifted up when a little boy came up to him and said, "Mr. Bunny, what's wrong?" said the boy. "I saw you earlier and got you a Christmas present." Robby looked confused. "For me?" Robby asked. The boy handed him a present. Robby looked at the tag. It read: "To: Mr. Sad Christmas Bunny. From: Toby" Robby smiled and opened the present. It was... an apron! Robby stared at the apron. Toby smiled. "Now your fur won't get dirty when the babys slobber on you." he said. Robby was not sad anymore. Toby had brightened his day. An apron was not what cheered him up though. It was the thought that someone would actually get something for him. But the story does not end here... Toby's Father volunteered to dress up as a rabbit and put on an elf suit. Then, Robby could take the day off to spend with his family. Robby was truly happy that day, and he knew that he would forever be friends with Toby and his family.

TADA! I wonder if Robby will be like Turkey Girl. (Ah, good times...)
mkkmypet (Dec 18, 2004)
drawn in 55 min
Xodiak (Dec 18, 2004)
Allo miss Mary Katherine Krusz! I see you visit today after many months. Hehe, I like the little rabbit and his story. It is nice that you returned! Welcome! >:D
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