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kik, RUSSIANFOXX, and susu (Aug 6, 2023)
Anyone who wants to draw scary-looking animals :)
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V4MPFaiRy (Sep 5, 2023)
can i maybe join???
AmigeEctordiss (Sep 6, 2023)
fun fact, the deer wouldn't be considered scary, but creepy, since it has no identifiable threats, but we still perceive it as uncanny. adding things such as sharp teeth and claws would trigger the instinctual part of the brain that is used to avoid danger in survival situations
RUSSIANFOXX (Sep 6, 2023)
i need to erase the trash lookin fox lol
kik (12 days ago)
@Amige bruh
drawn in 2 hours 15 min with Kleki
kik and RUSSIANFOXX (9 days ago)
This board is for anyone who has an OC and wants to draw it :)
anywho bro i did this on a school night so the shading isn't finished for my character...
8 comments – latest 4:
RUSSIANFOXX (1 day 8 hours ago)
drawn in 1 hour 54 min
ah that took too long
kik (1 day ago)
BROOOO it looks so good fr ToT
RUSSIANFOXX (12 hours ago)
tysm kik! =D
RUSSIANFOXX (8 hours 21 min ago)
drawn in 2 hours 33 min
shit i forgor to press sumbit aaaa
drawn in 7 hours 36 min with Kleki