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drawn in 2 hours 15 min with Kleki
2 versions
53 min
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51 min
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30 min
kik (Aug 6, 2023)
Anyone who wants to draw scary-looking animals :)
kik (Aug 6, 2023)
drawn in 32 min
kik (Aug 6, 2023)
drawn in 21 min
A very cute deer :)
Kloxboy (Aug 7, 2023)
That's awesome. The style, the linework, the gradients, it's good stuff.
RUSSIANFOXX (edited Aug 8, 2023)
Oh mai gah. Is real cute. very like. <3 can i the try???
kik (edited Aug 9, 2023)
Ofc u can try ^^ anywhere on the board is fine (idc how big it is)

and tysm :D
elly (Aug 9, 2023)
Great idea! Your work and style are fab!
kik (Aug 10, 2023)
tyyyy ^^
susu (Aug 18, 2023)
Might I add something?πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨
kik (Aug 18, 2023)
Sure! :)
TheCrimsonKing (Aug 18, 2023)
I agree with Klox, love your color choices.
kik (Aug 18, 2023)
oh ty :) for me the coloring was the hardest
RUSSIANFOXX (Aug 22, 2023)
drawn in 34 min
that took too long
RUSSIANFOXX (Aug 22, 2023)
drawn in 16 min
i dont fking noe
kik (Aug 23, 2023)
i think it looks good ^^ it reminds me of a kitsune or smt lol
RUSSIANFOXX (Aug 24, 2023)
mine compared to yours is trash. :''''''''''''''''''')
susu (edited Aug 25, 2023)
drawn in 1 min
How harmless!
"Welcome to the underground!"
susu (edited Aug 25, 2023)
drawn in 18 min
He’s a happy boi
"How was the fall?"
susu (edited Aug 25, 2023)
drawn in 2 min
Yep definitely an animal Xp
"If you want to look around;"
susu (Aug 25, 2023)
drawn in 8 min
redoing feet to be more " realisting
"give us a call"
kik (Sep 5, 2023)
i like it very weird :D
V4MPFaiRy (Sep 5, 2023)
can i maybe join???
AmigeEctordiss (Sep 6, 2023)
fun fact, the deer wouldn't be considered scary, but creepy, since it has no identifiable threats, but we still perceive it as uncanny. adding things such as sharp teeth and claws would trigger the instinctual part of the brain that is used to avoid danger in survival situations
RUSSIANFOXX (Sep 6, 2023)
i need to erase the trash lookin fox lol
kik (12 days ago)
@Amige bruh
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