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Podunkian (Aug 17, 2002)
I can't seem to color decently, so here's a pic I drew quickly (well, sort of, I was actually drawing this on and off trying to avoid being caught by my parents drawing girls :X). If I have time I'll edit this and add some color. Oh yeah, the animation shows how crap of an artist I am :P. I like to draw hard with my pencils and it sort of shows cuz I don't use layers and because I add stuff and change them later :P
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Five (edited Aug 18, 2002)
I like it. And there's nothing bad about black and white. Personally I often prefer pictures with only a limited range of colors.
kaT (edited Aug 18, 2002)
why would your parents care if you draw girls
Podunkian (edited Aug 18, 2002)
Because my parents are facsists. Not really, but when they see girls on my computer in any form they get all pansy :P.

Anyway, here's a colored version:
darkk_angel (edited Mar 31, 2003)
very nice side view!
drawn in 16 min with PaintBBS
Misc. Boards/Sprites 
marcello (Jun 5, 2002)
There we go, flip the edits to see my silly picture. :-)
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Sjekkie (edited Jun 7, 2002)
haha nice :)
naoko (edited Jul 3, 2002)
lol very cute..
Maiko (edited Jul 23, 2002)
Cute!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^ *glomps on bear*
Sweallii (edited Nov 23, 2002)
*snatches the bear and runs* so kyute!
drawn in 14 min with PaintBBS
Public Boards/Intermediate 
marcello (May 17, 2002)
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Podunkian (edited May 17, 2002)
looks idiot. the end. j/k. weirdo looking. looks like it was done in ms paint haha
kaT (edited May 18, 2002)
yes i do like 2 draw
drawn in 24 min with OekakiBBS
marcello (May 15, 2002)
My aching hand!
10 comments – latest 4:
Xodiak (edited May 16, 2002)
very great picture! good job Marcello! >:)
UddinHel2 (edited Sep 1, 2002)
Goood job.Beautiful
rosalyn (edited Sep 21, 2002)
Ameraq (edited Apr 25, 2003)
HoRsEy!!!! *huggles horse*
drawn in 1 hour 45 min with OekakiBBS
Public Boards/Beginner 
marcello (May 7, 2002)
Dunno, drawn with mouse while watching tv...
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Podunkian (edited May 7, 2002)
Honestly, I don't know either :P
Halffish (edited May 7, 2002)
o_0 hehe cool lightning effect
Maiko (edited Jul 23, 2002)
(translation: how the heck do you do the lightning?!?!?)
drawn in 1 hour with OekakiBBS
Main Forums/ 
Poll! New Features?
marcello (edited May 17, 2002)
This is just a simple poll, as I'm curious what people would most like to see next on the site: 1) Search feature - search users, entries, and comments 2) Member-to-Member messaging - the ability to send private messages to other members on 2draw 3) asciiBBS - a simple ascii art drawing feature 4) New skins - currently there are only 2, would you like to see more? 5) e-cards - create your own e-cards to send to you...
Misc. Boards/Sprites 
marcello (Apr 27, 2002)
Shading is terrible... damn I suck at spriting. :-(
8 comments – latest 4:
Soljah (edited Apr 29, 2002)
meh too! ^^
marcello (edited Apr 30, 2002)
Testing comment via WAP...
Xodiak (edited May 1, 2002)
it reminds me of one of the wonderboy games in which that little guy turns into dragons, midgets, birds etc
its cool! >:D
Sweallii (edited Nov 23, 2002)
drawn in 33 min with PaintBBS
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Sjekkie (Apr 14, 2002)
lol i really messed this up it went totally wrong!
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Podunkian (edited Apr 14, 2002)
"Mickey, that was the last straw. Now you die."
drawn in 30 min with PaintBBS
Public Boards/Beginner 
Well, When I think of Life, I think of what sustains Life. When I think of what sustains Life, I think of food. When I think of food, I think of cheese. When I think of cheese, I think of Nachos. Sorry for the lack of Plurality in the picture, But it's all part of the way the message gets across, no?
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Podunkian (edited Apr 14, 2002)
dot dot dot
drawn in 8 min with PaintBBS
Public Boards/Intermediate 
gkoshra (Apr 12, 2002)
It's a big gold robot. I should have done a backgroud, but I didn't.
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gkoshra (edited Apr 12, 2002)
Hang on, watching the animation, the head is a different colour. Any idea why?
marcello (edited Apr 12, 2002)
I think there are some glitches in PaintBBS' animation feature. On occasion it misses some lines and stuff. It's also possible the file is getting cut off, so I'll look into that.

Cool pic, btw. :)
Podunkian (edited Apr 13, 2002)
Hahaha, looks like it's drawn in colored pencils XD
gkoshra (edited May 3, 2002)
is that good or bad???
drawn in 12 min with PaintBBS
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