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Podunkian (Mar 28, 2003)
Okay, here's the deal guys... I was drawing this when lazy cock decided to get slow and sluggish so I couldn't continue it. Honest! I was gonna color it too... Anyways, I don't think it came out too bad...
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Texmo (edited Mar 29, 2003)
World War 2 is the most boring war ever. Except for hitler.
At least the war on Iraq has the decency to be hilarious.
ky (edited Mar 29, 2003)
Hooray for Hitler. And Nazis. This picture's fine. Don't break your back over it.
ChinkyFlip (edited Mar 29, 2003)
This picture is freaking awesome! I love the way you drew his profile. Freaking awesome. FREAKING AWESOME! You've got talent. I also visited your user board and looked up ALL of your pictures. XD So yea, you're freaking awesome. DO MORE, DAMNIT! O_O!
darkk_angel (edited Mar 31, 2003)
hitler was an asshole.... pardon my english, especially the little children on this site!(if there are any) well, i like the picture.... it would have been better colored, but it does look nice!!! i like the detail of the gun.. heheh *goes out and buys gun* *shoots at random objects* *accidentally blows head off* shit. hehe i am odd, am i not?
drawn in 26 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Podunkian (Mar 28, 2003)
Four letters: STFU.

Yeah, it didn't turn out spectacular, so sue me...

Lazy cock sketch is pretty cool Mr. Chello.

Done with a mouse, which accounts for why it's so crap :P
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WerefoxLeBlanc (edited Mar 28, 2003)
For a mouse, that's pretty damn good. I like your line weights, and the eyes are marvelous. Litterally, to be marveled at. I also like your use of shade on the face, and the expression.
darkk_angel (edited Mar 31, 2003)
tis not crap, laddie/lassie!! the only problem is with the part, but that is it!
drawn in 25 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Podunkian (Aug 17, 2002)
I can't seem to color decently, so here's a pic I drew quickly (well, sort of, I was actually drawing this on and off trying to avoid being caught by my parents drawing girls :X). If I have time I'll edit this and add some color. Oh yeah, the animation shows how crap of an artist I am :P. I like to draw hard with my pencils and it sort of shows cuz I don't use layers and because I add stuff and change them later :P
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Five (edited Aug 18, 2002)
I like it. And there's nothing bad about black and white. Personally I often prefer pictures with only a limited range of colors.
kaT (edited Aug 18, 2002)
why would your parents care if you draw girls
Podunkian (edited Aug 18, 2002)
Because my parents are facsists. Not really, but when they see girls on my computer in any form they get all pansy :P.

Anyway, here's a colored version:
darkk_angel (edited Mar 31, 2003)
very nice side view!
drawn in 16 min with PaintBBS
Podunkian (Apr 8, 2002)
Personally I think I liked it better without the shading :P
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Zack (edited Apr 9, 2002)
If you squint, Mario looks joyful. Just as anyone holding a gun should be.
Survival_Horror (edited Mar 30, 2003)
lol,good stuff
Knockoff (edited Jul 5, 2003)
hah poor mario.
drawn in 19 min with PaintBBS
Podunkian (Apr 5, 2002)

* (Not actual German)
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Knockoff (edited Mar 29, 2003)
Yea this is funny
digital-nut (edited Apr 5, 2003)
Die Amerikanisch ist nicht gut? Am I right in my german??? Love Hitler, he looks almost nice with the whole awwww sorta look to him XD
Varshavianka (edited Apr 24, 2003)
Die Amerikaner sind nicht gut! ^^? ... In our purified germany, some people would think it is too offensive ^^... but i like it (the picture <_< not him!)
_Fullmetal_ (Aug 24, 2005)
Wow...I never thought of the day were I'd see someone draw something like this. o.o;;;
drawn in 20 min with PaintBBS
Podunkian (Apr 5, 2002)
I like Omaha because it is funny because there are people who say "HEIL HITLER" and then the American goes "Damned Nazis!" and then there is a loud sound and later there is only American and some red stuff on the floor with a heap of somethings that looks like person but isn't because persons are living.
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marcello (edited Apr 5, 2002)
I really like the style in this pic!
Xodiak (edited Apr 7, 2002)
so there is actually a difference between americans and nazis? >8)
Polkadon (edited Apr 12, 2002)
Actually, yes, there is. The Nazis have cooler uniforms..;_;
drawn in 36 min with PaintBBS