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icon Location: ...On an island ~(o.o)~
Date of Birth: June 28th, 1991 (28)
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I'm a happy little toaster. :D
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thumbnail :D I sure do love rainbows! Yumm
Very adorable!
Mar 20, 2008
thumbnail Haha I love that series but I'm sure youll see more diffrences when I'm done. :D Hey maybe I should ...
Mar 15, 2008
thumbnail Is this open still? I want to add someone ^_^; If its cool with you guys!
Mar 15, 2008
thumbnail I like how you have the flowing hair, but it just seems a little stiff almost. It cute though :D
Mar 11, 2007
thumbnail ^_^ Thank you so much! I'm just so glad I have it now. :D Ill be practicing alll weekend!!!
Mar 10, 2007
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