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I'm a pointless goldfish, short term memory, and only there to stare at. You cant forget the being flushed down the toilet part! As u probably guessed I'm just a bit insane..........just a bit. If ur REALLY bored, and wanna know exactly how crazy I am, there's the link to my website 0.o
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thumbnail aww, aww, aww, I <3 GIR So darn much, heez so adowable the ickle <3able thing.
Oct 3, 2003
thumbnail Woah! The detail on the wing is gorgeous!
And the hook-y thing is cool
The shading is good, and i ...
Sep 14, 2003
thumbnail My brain is full of wierd concepts, too many for me to sort through o.0
edit: just changed it to fi...
Sep 14, 2003
thumbnail Wow, I really think you've done an amazing job on this! thankyou so much
Sep 14, 2003
thumbnail It's not bad at all, its good, especially the way you have the sky below the floor, that IS cool
Sep 14, 2003
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Sep 21, 2003 i need help!
Sep 13, 2003 collaboration?
Apr 4, 2003 evil little X's