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drawn in 36 min with PaintBBS
Podunkian (Apr 5, 2002)
I like Omaha because it is funny because there are people who say "HEIL HITLER" and then the American goes "Damned Nazis!" and then there is a loud sound and later there is only American and some red stuff on the floor with a heap of somethings that looks like person but isn't because persons are living.
Podunkian (Apr 5, 2002)
drawn in 0sec
marcello (edited Apr 5, 2002)
I really like the style in this pic!
Xodiak (edited Apr 7, 2002)
so there is actually a difference between americans and nazis? >8)
Polkadon (edited Apr 12, 2002)
Actually, yes, there is. The Nazis have cooler uniforms..;_;
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