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PlainJerzel (Dec 17, 2023)
So this is going to sound dumb, but I asked for a tablet for xmas (not a big fancy one or anything like that) and I asked for it to have a stylus to come with it, and I'm just asking if I were to get one of those thick styluses would this work alright for drawing?
yellow.nutella (Dec 17, 2023)
What do you mean by thick stylus? Did you ask for a drawing tablet specifically?
I think that would help narrow it down to the types of styluses.
PlainJerzel (Dec 18, 2023)
Like a stylus with a round, hemisphere tip. I also didnt think about asking for a drawing tablet specifically which was kind of a regret
TaCO (Jan 16, 2024)
I like using styluses, but I'm so use to using the mouse now. I use clip studio with a mouse. But most my art friends prefer to use a stylus. To me it doesn't really matter what tool i use as long as I'm feeding my endless need to create.
spotdiamonda (Feb 5, 2024)
yeah, actually I prefer using one with a huge tip.. thats what she said.. anyway, the problem with it is it's hard to see where the center of the tip is and your lines may not be as accurate
kyla5042 (edited Feb 18, 2024)
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