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susu and PlainJerzel (Nov 22, 2023)
Jello! I want to draw robots, but am to lazy to do anything original. If you want to draw a robot, ask.
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PlainJerzel (15 days ago)
drawn in 18 min
He is always watching your every move.
PlainJerzel (edited 11 days ago)
drawn in 5 min
Ima leave it at this
PlainJerzel (4 days ago)
Know what later ima add Playrobot
PlainJerzel (1 day 23 hours ago)
drawn in 25 min
drawn in 3 hours 29 min with Kleki
kik, susu, PlainJerzel, RUSSIANFOXX, and ---Luna (Oct 28, 2023)
Title ^^
probably not finished- but u can still edit if u need to- I just need to clear space in my art board lol
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RUSSIANFOXX (Nov 1, 2023)
hehe bubble
---Luna (Nov 1, 2023)
PlainJerzel (Nov 2, 2023)
---Luna (Nov 3, 2023)
p a r a s i t e
drawn in 3 hours 42 min with Kleki
kik, RUSSIANFOXX, V4MPFaiRy, and PlainJerzel (Sep 12, 2023)
This board is for anyone who has an OC and wants to draw it :)
anywho bro i did this on a school night so the shading isn't finished for my character...
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PlainJerzel (Oct 24, 2023)
drawn in 12 min
*A Wild Bunny Appears*
PlainJerzel (Oct 24, 2023)
drawn in 5 min
Slide to the left
kik (Oct 24, 2023)
lol yall didn't have to put the circle 😭
PlainJerzel (Oct 25, 2023)
I just followed what looked like the board tradition XD
drawn in 9 hours 6 min with Kleki