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Wow. I hardly ever lurk around 2draw anymore. D:

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Artist's Block
10 replies
enjoydotcom (Apr 24, 2008)
Outside? Where the big bad people roam? Just kidding, I don't like calling it a block, more a funk w...
"It makes me so angry!"
107 replies
senshi (Sep 19, 2006)
that's not funny, he's dissing Anime fer no reason. The way I see it, it's pretty close ta the 'wh...
Needs teh LURVE
6 replies
DieChan (May 9, 2006)
lawl at Dave. :3 She has an ace of spades marking on her nose. Not her actual nose. Thanks for comme...
So Sorry...
7 replies
sephiroth54321 (Mar 11, 2006)
i won't do much, just want to fix something cuz it's hard to explain, i'll put it on a seperate laye...
*Shameless Advertising*
27 replies
mx (Mar 8, 2006)
Yaoi?... Noobs?
48 replies
marini135 (Dec 1, 2005)
... i am starting 2 like Ulrich+Odd yaoi... OMFG! WHAT IS MY MIND TURNING INTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
A Little Help, Please
9 replies
sephiroth54321 (Oct 31, 2005)
I click undo and then redo...
Your Thoughts...?
99 replies
DieChan (Oct 27, 2005)
Wooow. DieChan didn't think she would get so many posts of different topics on her forum post. :D ...
Dude... Freaky
4 replies
silvercoyote (Sep 4, 2005)
The Three Men and a Baby one is false too.
Webcam of DOOOM!
5 replies
MoonlitShadow (Aug 18, 2005)
Why didn't you just post your pictures here? >_>;
What should I do?
35 replies
MoonlitShadow (Jul 21, 2005)
I saw that on TV.. o.o The boy that had it was freaking out because his mom wasn't letting him eat.....
Another Board
46 replies
Cordelia_Pink (Jun 27, 2005)
I reaaaaaallllly love how they did the animation in Final Fantasy: Spirits Within. However, I...
The Cliched Collab Title!
11 replies
Cordelia_Pink (Jun 23, 2005)
I'd like to do something anime again. Though I don't think I've had that many practice. I haven't dr...
My Videos
2 replies
Xodiak (Jun 4, 2005)
I like She's a Rebel... hehe, your videos are fun! But I could only download the music videos after ...
KH vs. FF!
23 replies
Sutafani (Mar 15, 2005)
... I like KH... 'cause it's easier and I suck at video games >_< ask cheetos
Kirby Week
28 replies
Dagan (Dec 14, 2004)
Yeah maybe the cartoon did butcher Kirby in a way , but its not the original Kirby it's their own ve...
Anyone Else?
31 replies
kenshin69 (Dec 5, 2004)
yea thats me. thats why so many people think im weird and are scared of me. i love all that stoof!
#4,388,785 - How do YOU make smooth lineart?
3 replies
K-Dizzle (Sep 28, 2004)
<---Tutorial by Zack :)