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Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
Xodiak, Hakkai, Punky, 20ark, Cianteed, and more... (Jun 27, 2005)
I decided to start the collaboration! A different artist draws on each of the 30 64x64 pixels squares.

I used PaintBBS because it is the simplest and easiest applet for small sized drawings. I hope it does not cause many problems! If someone does not understand something about the program I can explain.

Also it is recommended that every artist finishes the picture in a single version.
If you need to cancel a revision, please do not forget to click "Cancel Revision" to make sure the picture is not unintentionally locked.

Original forum thread: link
You can see a list of the artists added in my profile comment here: link

Now the list is full of 30 users!

129 comments – latest 4:
Axil62 (Dec 29, 2005)
Why does Cloxboys square become Cincity's square?
YouLovePoop (Jan 15, 2006)
xxLiveLaughLovexx (Sep 4, 2008)
dan___ny (Jul 4, 2010)
Great idea :D!
drawn in 23 hours with PaintBBS
Cianteed and Kraisa (Jun 29, 2005)
Two forces become one =]
24 comments – latest 4:
kitty25 (Nov 24, 2005)
nice cool colors and nice dragons!
Zeal (Jan 22, 2006)
hahaha sephiroth54321 ... yes it does look like the dragon mating pose...
Maribo (Mar 13, 2006)
wow awsome!
cmoon (Sep 25, 2006)
COOL! I WANT THOSE DRAGONS! Are they fighting?
drawn in 8 hours 2 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Cordelia_Pink, Xodiak, renire, Punky, Cianteed, and more... (Jun 20, 2005)
I'm not sure if I should do some more of the larger empty spaced boxes 'cause I was thinking about doing something behind patterned background.
33 comments – latest 4:
Desolate (Sep 11, 2005)
I want to but Ive never done a collaberation and I am kind of new to this whole site... If its still going when I get fairly descent I will come back and do a box
renire (Dec 12, 2005)
drawn in 6 min
Sorry :}
whitebunny1063 (Dec 18, 2005)
Can I join too?
Zeal (Feb 17, 2006)
drawn in 5 hours 8 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Cianteed, squee, and Ty854 (Jun 9, 2005)
Sorry if I took up all the room! Fack, the lineart took ages =P
37 comments – latest 4:
inatyrb (Jul 11, 2005)
I always thought 2D was the best looking, but murdoc has got one sexy body there. That's hard to pass down. Love tall lean guys. Tis very sexy. ^^ I love this. Great job. Gorillaz are awesome.
squee (Jul 11, 2005)
2D is the hottest. Murdoc is just sexy as hell. o_o
LasRever (Jul 22, 2005)
Murdoc and 2D look molestable! Even tho Murdoc always seems to give off sleazy vibes XD
AuschwitzBurns (Jul 22, 2005)
drawn in 5 hours 43 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Deformed, Cianteed, and Kenshin (Oct 26, 2004)
Whoever wants to can make a little piece of the face of this anime charecter. Use your favorite style and use any skin/ facial tones you want! I realy think this will turn out good if alot of people join! ^__^
Ex: I drew an eye and the skin around it. Enjoy! :)
24 comments – latest 4:
bumpinthenight (Dec 21, 2004)
looks uber cool except for the purple eye :P If you cut it out, it would look really spectacular... I dunno... its just... too round :P
Kenshin (Dec 21, 2004)
Fine. Maybe I will change it.
Cianteed (Dec 22, 2004)
Most of the proportions are fine, I'd say. I tried my best to make sure my additions didn't make him look too... mutated. Rikku has a point, it's supposed to be a kind of "puzzle piece" portrait. In my opinion, it was a great collab.
Xodiak (Jun 16, 2005)
Very smart drawing. I like how the person is made of many different pieces. Great, hehehehehe! >:D
drawn in 2 hours 38 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
Shmoopy and Cianteed (Sep 17, 2004)
Yeah. Uh huh.
9 comments – latest 4:
concannon (Sep 30, 2004)
This thing has the niftiest and most awkward feet I have ever seen. <3
Shmoopy (Oct 3, 2004)
It's Cianteed's work that gave it depth etc. But the lineart, my precious lineart, was made up first by drawing it on paper. >> woot.

VV, I agree. But they're hot. XD
HunterKiller_ (Dec 28, 2004)
Wowerz this is so cool... this, this, this... thing... Oh i love these Shi-Painters smooth lines... i might have to start using it =O (Dec 28, 2004)
interesting.........but very cool. i like it a lot. mega sweetness! ^_^
drawn in 1 hour 50 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
Dragnakita, Sutafani, Ty854, Cianteed, concannon, and more... (Aug 12, 2004)
Anyone want to join this collab!? Just draw a cute wittle dragon! XD

~*Collaboration started by Dragnakita (Liz)*~
19 comments – latest 4:
Ty854 (Aug 18, 2004)
Im lovin' that dragon, bumpinthenight.
bumpinthenight (edited Aug 30, 2004)
thanks ty... ehh, couldnt think of any other designs!! XD wahahah!

edit: fufufufu... I said that already.... XD

edit2: can this collab be done now, please?! aack... sorry... brain has fused wires, I swear...
Dragnakita (Sep 10, 2004)
Done... T.T

I am very sorry to those of you that didn't get to join... it's because I was away from 2draw for quite a while... for those of you who memoed me... I'm sorry that I didn't finish a bit sooner... I think that I would have if I didn't stay on AOL and MSN IMing people all the time... so... it's pretty much my fault. But, just to let everyone know, I do have a life. I value my friends more than drawing and the people that I don't really know. If I knew you, I would be on 2draw more often. Anyways... I'm sorry. No more complaining, okay?? Thank you very much. Seeing all you whining made me feel bad. x.x; But, it's my fault... so... bah... anyways... I am sorry...
~Liz 'o4
TwystedFate (Sep 26, 2004)
Ooooooooooh dragons. *luffs it*
drawn in 4 hours 59 min with PaintBBS
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Cianteed and strangeoid (Sep 5, 2004)
Lineart, and Background by Cianteed
Body Colouring by Strangeoid

Oh yes.
8 comments – latest 4:
Urei-sama (Sep 6, 2004)
hey! you finished it! i saw this awhile back. looks wonderful! pink isnt really my color but its good here, and yeah as davin says you do work well togeather. Lineart is wonderful, and i love the color on the wings and maine!
bumpinthenight (Sep 6, 2004)
schweet! You guys do awesome collabs! really wicked sh!zn4t!!! :)
Kenshin (Sep 7, 2004)
That's a nice horse, and great coloring.
Sutafani (Sep 7, 2004)
too cool... it's a cute cocky looking horsey...
drawn in 2 hours 42 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
Lauwena and Cianteed (Aug 12, 2004)
a colab with Cianteed :D
8 comments – latest 4:
Lauwena (Aug 17, 2004)
:) great bg :) :D XD i think that we can mark it as finished now? :D
Cianteed (edited Aug 17, 2004)
Mmkay =) ...*thinks* we need to sign it!
Mipunai (Aug 18, 2004)
X3 Thats awsome
Urei-sama (Sep 6, 2004)
WEEEE! beth loves it. hotness
drawn in 4 hours 58 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Cianteed and DMV (Sep 4, 2004)
The Battle for the Four-Letter "K" Word.
9 comments – latest 4:
Cianteed (edited Sep 5, 2004)
I'll attempt to make this make sense after some lunch.... =] many layers...
Cianteed (edited Sep 5, 2004)
drawn in 32 min
There really wasn't a way to bring the two figures into an equal area, so I decided to make it a "ripped" side-by-side of two different worlds. There's Kiss and pyrotechnics (s/p?) and Korn with a Freak On A Leash-esque setting. Does it need anything else? Signatures, but besides that...
damnskippytakn-a-break (Sep 5, 2004)
Corn must be the guy on the left! There's no mistaking Gene Simmons! I think that's great! The entire picture is very cool! Nice collab you's guys! *now doing Kiss "Simmons" imatation!" ' }~~~~~~~~~~~~~
inatyrb (Oct 10, 2004)
Korn is really cool! thats one of my fav. bands.. and Kiss, well they are juz an old band... hm... this is really a cool pic.!!
drawn in 3 hours 31 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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