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50% Dragon: This side shows all the anger and is all about rage and fighting along with hate filled with tears and envy. Also stands for strength and the ability to hold out for quite a while. Strong willpower.
50% Kitten: The happier side. More cute and fluffy, less anger. Also quite erotic at times. Overall just playful and happy. Less fighting, more drawing. Less crying and punching, more laughing and less innocence.

<~>I have been drawing since I was twelve... started drawing on oekaki boards in January of 2004. This has been the best one I have ever seen. I will be staying at this one. =3 I am hoping that you are all enjoying my art. I do spend quite a bit of time on instant messangers. ^^; So, if you feel like IMing me with a suggestion for my next drawing or to help me improve, feel free to do so. I don't have a drawing style, I use so many of them. Always experimenting. =) I don't like to speak about my life, really... x.x; so, I won't include that. Anyways... people have told me that I am making good progress in my drawing for the age of thirteen. I am more mature than most of the people my age from what I have seen and also from what I have been told. Anyways... that's about it. AND I HATE THIS MOUSE I HAVE TO USE!! D< <~>
~Liz 'o4
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thumbnail Yeah. I have artist's block.
Sep 25, 2005
thumbnail Wow~ the coloring is simply complex and astonishing~ :D I love puppies. This looks like a Danny Phan...
Sep 22, 2005
thumbnail It's cute~ nice lil' avie~ looks like my boyfriend's Ragnarok character.
~Liz 'o5
Sep 21, 2005
thumbnail You should spend more time on your drawings. But, this is cute...
~Liz 'o5
Sep 21, 2005
thumbnail I don't think you went bananas with the shadows. It looks great. :3
Sep 18, 2005
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