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xiau (edited Jan 21, 2007)
We've all done it before, admit it. While the teacher's explaining what's going to be on tomorrow's test, we sit and doodle. How hard can a 7th grade test be, anyways? (Now it takes pure SKILL to suck like this!)

Okay, people, post up some of your doodles if you want (they don't have to be drawn in school... Just... Well... Doodles. And only doodles. None of those I-spent-hours-on-this sort of pictures.)
sephiroth54321 (Aug 24, 2005)
Good scetches xiau.....they are very interesting :)
Kenshin (Aug 24, 2005)
XD I always draw all over my papers o-o;
I would scan some but I don't have a scanner D:
sephiroth54321 (Aug 24, 2005)
I'll show you some tomorrow (first day of school) XD
LisaAnne (Aug 24, 2005)
Haha, yes "note taking" = doodle time...
No I try really hard to just keep my doodles to the margins and keep it mostly notes during school. I love your little "rawr" girl near the top...makes me think of some one having an attitude.
Oh and Sephiroth...good luck on the first day.
sephiroth54321 (Aug 24, 2005)
I'll be fine ;)
Rudeezy (Aug 24, 2005)
all of my doodles i made in class were, either crunched in my desk, or thrown away by my teacher. :)
PolythenePam (Aug 24, 2005)
Speaking of school, I'm at it and I'm REAAAALLLY bored x_x
Someone email me, now!
xiau (Aug 25, 2005)
Nooo, save your sketches, Rysufio! I want to see what you draw like in real-life! I ish your biggest fan!
I can't wait to see you peoples' sketches!
Nightmare (Aug 25, 2005)
I used to do that all the time. Only problem is, I threw out all my notebooks on the last day. No doodles to see here. :x
xiau (Aug 27, 2005)
I stoppped throwing out my pictures because I realize it's fun to look back on them and say "Holy CRAP I've improved!" or "AHAHAHA THIS SUCKS SOOO BAD!"

I s'pose I'm not getting any doodles outta this post >_o;;
Kenshin (Aug 28, 2005)
XDDD Yes, I love doing that.
Rudeezy (edited Aug 28, 2005)
hahahaha my scanner works now. here is a doodle i made to test the scanner. it's not really, a SCHOOL doodle, but oh well.
and this one i drew in my journal.

i'm so much better on the computer. :)
LisaAnne (Aug 28, 2005)
My scanner sucks, but here is a drawing I did in my journal...
Rudeezy (Aug 28, 2005)
oh, and i found this picture, so i scanned it. here it is.
HunterKiller_ (Aug 29, 2005)
Haha, school doodles, good times, good times... I don't do 'em no more though, last year of high school, no time. =[
Gigandas (Aug 29, 2005)
I have school doodle type things, but I actually take time on my in-class doodles (since I do them in my sketchbook, cleverly hidden inside my lined paper notebook anyway :P). Would those not count...?
LisaAnne (Aug 29, 2005)
Lets see them. Do you guys ever notice trends in your doodles?
I mean I've noticed alot of males tend to doodle certain types of things, while females other things.
Or even on an individual basis, I draw alot of eyes and squares. I went through trends too...robots, shoes etc. Now I mostly just sketch ideas for sculptures.
Xodiak (Aug 29, 2005)
I like the little girl with the long hair on the center-right part of the page. She has nice legs, hehe! >;D
Miss Lisa, your notebook doodle is nothing like a doodle, it is a masterpiece, hehe! You are amazing! <:D
And Mr. Rudy, your drawings are so fun, just like those you draw here. >:)
nekodesu (Aug 29, 2005)
It depends the teacher. If I hate the teacher or if he or she is just so damn boring then I doodle. And I have a lot. lol...There are just not enough good teachers in this world.
15grifficorntears (Aug 29, 2005)
i'm not in school yet, but i have a work doodle
i was really bored
inatyrb (Aug 30, 2005)
trish, you've always doodled master skilled art. you don't count. lol
xiau (Aug 30, 2005)
Wow, you guys are amazing! Rudy... I seriously started laughing with your first sketch... "Shoe"... Lol. So random!
Gigandas, those count! Please, show us ^_^
Very few good teachers, lol. They're all so boring... Or if they're not, they're fun and you don't have time to doodle because you're having fun, which makes them evil for taking away from your doodle time ><
Gigandas (edited Aug 30, 2005)
Here's two recent ones (even though neither are exactly finished...):
Rudeezy (edited Aug 30, 2005)
here's a fresh one. they all came out funny.
xiau (Aug 31, 2005)
Gigandas... That's just... Not fair... How good your doodles are XD I loves!
And Rysufio, that picture do not suck! I loves it o.o
Hakkai (Aug 31, 2005)
Koinu-kun! Aw, man! I miss drawing here. I can't see anyone's picture anymore, so I stopped drawing. =[

Yes, I do0dle in class, but it's getting harder and harder to do so since.. well, alot of the lectures are important here. =/ So instead of a clutter of do0dles on a sheet, you'll find only one or two of 'em.

It's getting REALLY hard to find time to draw. Especially with homework, school, and work.
xiau (Sep 1, 2005)
Wah, Hakkai, I wish I doodled like that. Mine are all "Bleh.. SO bored... (sketches something down and gets in trouble for laughing so loudly at the sucky)" Yours are so cute ^_^
pencilhero (Sep 1, 2005)
i doodled all the time back to my school well not exactly doodle... well i guess i am really freaky me and my friend painted with acrylics in the class in mathematics,history,science,e.t.c. i even brought oils and airbrush
one time XD, just can't stand to be in class and reading or watching the lesson XD.
this was a doodle i did in class
it's master Roshi XD
LisaAnne (Sep 1, 2005)
Haha...That's a nice little story. (Makes me smile...taking risks)
Nice doodles everyone. I'm impressed by how clean alot of your doodles are.
Rosemary (edited Sep 16, 2005)
Lady Of Shalott
i did that sketch at art college in breaktime...
i ended up using that layout as insperation for proposal and finished piece for a portrature project
will have to scan a few more of my doodles..
oh yeah...and this is what happens when i have my easel and paints too near a table..
my table lol
LisaAnne (Sep 18, 2005)
Haha...nice. My brother who is also a sculpture major just made a coffee table for our house made out of old pieces of art...its quite interesting...and your table reminded me of it.
Do you have a photo of the finished piece from the proposal?
Deformed (Sep 18, 2005)
Hargh. My papers look like shit most of the time because of the massive amount of doodles and them.
EggBert was a doodle I did in school, witch I later made into this soon after.
Chaotic (edited Sep 18, 2005)
well, here's a few of my doodles it anyone cares:
Sora & Paine Both of these took about 45-50 minutes each, they were drawn about one or two years ago...I know Paine's mouth is a tad off...but just picture that pic 10 times greater and you get the visual of how I draw in the present O.o;;; BTW All you guys' doodles rock!!!
Rudeezy (edited Sep 18, 2005)
You wanna see sumthin REALLY cool?
Be warned. there are trillions of doodles. my favorite one is the one in the red circle. Made these when trying to find a cool comic style.
Chaotic (Sep 18, 2005)
heh, that's cool
xiau (Sep 21, 2005)
Hehe, doodles are so fun to look at... Great doodles, everyone!
Noremac (Sep 22, 2005)
i had a lot of school doodles that were x- rated. >.> -cough- back and forth work between a friend really. i sucked in school, so i drew ALL the time. and for some reason my only real improvements happened over the summer :\. life is funny like that.
if my scanner worked,id link....but ...xiau has seen zem....they sux do they not?
xiau (Oct 13, 2005)

No more doodles? (awwws)
JK-Arts (edited Oct 15, 2005)
Heres mine The second page has one of my best that i scanned anyway.
This started in pencil then i went over it with a felt tip
I couldn't find the color version of the one above but this is a picture i made on photo plus
xiau (Oct 15, 2005)
Not... Fair... You amaze me! :D
JK-Arts (Oct 16, 2005)
see this is why i say i need a pallet i'm better freehand i suxors with my mouse.
nekoxmeow (Oct 16, 2005)
xiau, I love your kitty ed! *glomps*
LisaAnne (Oct 17, 2005)
Very nice...I love the heart beat on the site...a nice touch. Keep the doodles coming kids!
kristine (edited Oct 17, 2005)
these are my all time favorites that i drew *note i only uploaded the good ones lol*

Tell me what you think =) (i draw way better in real life than with a crappy mouse)
Gigandas (Oct 17, 2005)
kristine-You actually draw nice looking anime :). I liked the second picture the most for all the small details and the skull, haha...
Maiko (Oct 17, 2005)
gahh the second one is teh secks +_+ <3 <3 <3
I love how you do hair >_<;;;
kristine (edited Oct 17, 2005)
the second one was done over a couple of weeks. I stashed it in my Math Book and every time i had that class i would get it out and doodle something else (whilst still paying attention of course ._.)
xiau (Oct 17, 2005)
Of COURSE you were paying attention! Just like I was! (coughcough)
Great doodles, kristine! I love them all, and the first one's adorable... (glomps the second one)
Gigandas (edited Oct 17, 2005)
I have another that I work on in class, but this is referenced...(also unfinished)
BlitzCloud (Oct 17, 2005)
what's a doodle?
Deformed (edited Oct 18, 2005)
A doodle my freind, is when a mommy and daddy love eachother very much and decide to

do it till the lights go out.
PolythenePam (Oct 17, 2005)
BlitzCloud (edited Oct 18, 2005)
d00dles i did today, yes in class.
JK-Arts (Oct 18, 2005)
Maiko (Oct 18, 2005)
awww Cloud looks so innocent in the first one XD
Deformed (Oct 18, 2005)
Wow. You realy like cloud, don't ya. Someones got a fetish.
xiau (Oct 18, 2005)
Sexy Cloud pictures... You draw him so well :D I love them both... And I agree with Mai, he looks so innocent in the first one :3
I drew Aeris in class today... But I'll have to find it first.
BlitzCloud (Oct 19, 2005)
Redtails, a possible boyfriend of Wasil (nah, he will end up dying, shes too violent)
xiau (Oct 19, 2005)
It says it's forbidden... Awww...
BlitzCloud (Oct 20, 2005)
Maiko (Oct 20, 2005)
ee~ cuteness <3 <3
mwahaha Wasil has a boyfriend now X3

..hey, she is NOT too violent XD she won't kill him, maybe give him a love bite or two.
XD <3

nekoxmeow (Oct 21, 2005)
Here is a bad school doodle...technically, not school doodles, but I did it while I was supposed to be doing homework. Be's bad for even doodle standards. I tried to see what I could draw in 40 seconds, and this is what I came up with. ;)
Also, be aware that I have a very old, very non-cooperative scanner.

Also, the pupil/iris part just meshed together during the scanning..there WERE some shading differences in it.
Gigandas (edited Oct 21, 2005)
New one...(original lil creature/unfinished):
Maiko (Oct 21, 2005)
Charizard still pwns him XD
BlitzCloud (edited Oct 27, 2005)
awwww so cuteeeee.... look he's trying to learn some clothing (look at his tonge) X3


New pic :D, not finished tho D:
xiau (Nov 9, 2005)
I drew this in the last few minutes of math class :D
Yaaay for computer paper and those sucky papermate pencils.
Zeal (Dec 4, 2005)
says itsa forbidden =/
nekodesu (Dec 16, 2005)
What did in Physics class today:
I really shouldn't be doodling since I'm doing quite badly in that class but not only is it a hard class, it's ubberly boring too. x_x
voodoobunny (Dec 17, 2005)
I paired my school teachers (male teachers >:3) in my biology notebook. It was porn. my teacher didn't like and I went to the school curator. It wasn't fun. But I really liked the picture though. It was yaoi 8D And those two teachers are made for each other ^^
~aaah, boys love :3333
Ty854 (Dec 17, 2005)
Wow, that sounds like it would be as embarrasing as hell.
voodoobunny (Dec 19, 2005)
And today I got to an address with one of the teachers, because of gayporn.
We were going to watch a movie, because the others were doing some kind of christmas things :/
The teacher asked:"what kind of movie do you want to watch?"
teacher:"you guys start to watch this movie, and Valerie and I go outside to talk about gayporn."
The teacher started to blame me, that every day, our subjects go to gays, and that It's not a school subject. It really was fun to talk with the teacher about this. But I kind of missed the start of the movie. So school's teachers love me ^^"
Pakasutemanshikuka (Dec 19, 2005)
ha, you told that here but not to us at school, you bastard! >=D
anyways, you people can Doodle! >=DDD
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