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drawn in 3 hours 23 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Dancing Nancy
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concannon (Sep 28, 2003) — edit
Yeah, the guy's eyes are too far apart, I know. Too bad, I'm not gonna fix it. *scoots away*
concannon (Sep 28, 2003)
drawn in 2 hours 23 min
Zinc (edited Sep 28, 2003)
Reminds me of the civilization from the Disney Movie Atlantis.

Edit: Forgot a word.
concannon (Sep 28, 2003)
Oi. Didn't even think of that. Was too busy trying to make them not like the Hawkbrothers from Mercedes Lackey's books. Oh, well, explanation to be included when pic is done.
concannon (Sep 28, 2003)
drawn in 25 min
marcello (Sep 28, 2003)
oh sure, we can create civilizations just like that. do you realize how hardit is create a civilization!?!? =P
concannon (Sep 28, 2003)
Alright Cello, a CONCEPT for a civilazation. Better?
strangeoid (Sep 28, 2003)
I like it! He's so.... er.... um... NATIVE! ^___^;; There are no words in my vocabulary to describe his ooh-ahh-ness.
Larikko (Sep 29, 2003)
I really like this picture! Good job (so far).
misho1337 (Sep 29, 2003)
wow, nj
concannon (Oct 4, 2003)
drawn in 33 min
nyao (Oct 4, 2003)
oooo... cool! i like the designs on the person and the kittie in the bak! ^^
Wolfheart (Oct 4, 2003) the style :D
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