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drawn in 3 hours 55 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
GoldDragonfly (Jun 24, 2008)
GoldDragonfly (Jun 24, 2008)
drawn in 10 min
GoldDragonfly (Jun 24, 2008)
drawn in 17 min
GoldDragonfly (Jun 24, 2008)
drawn in 36 min
GoldDragonfly (Jun 24, 2008)
drawn in 10 min
GoldDragonfly (Jun 24, 2008)
drawn in 21 min
GoldDragonfly (Jun 24, 2008)
drawn in 11 min
doh! >.< its the 3rd time i have to restart the program .... whats wrong?!........ >:(
GoldDragonfly (Jun 24, 2008)
drawn in 24 min
GoldDragonfly (Jun 24, 2008)
drawn in 11 min
beautiful nose mazi :3
GoldDragonfly (Jun 24, 2008)
drawn in 25 min
GoldDragonfly (Jun 25, 2008)
drawn in 39 min
GoldDragonfly (Jun 25, 2008)
drawn in 9 min
GoldDragonfly (Jun 25, 2008)
drawn in 16 min
davincipoppalag (Jun 25, 2008)
Holy crap this is phenomenal work!
DorsY69 (Jun 25, 2008)
Goldie...when did you managed to do this O.O such a master peice in 4 hours! You are one marvelous artist!! *Claps hands. Thouse glasses look so real that they are sticking out of my comp!
lori (Jun 25, 2008)
seriously good looking portrait... very well done
illusionone (Jun 25, 2008)
omg gold!! how did i know this was ur drawing!?! u really have your own effect xD
Miss_DJ (Jun 25, 2008)
ingenious... :o) ((((applauds madly))))
Roxana1890 (Jun 25, 2008)
o.O wow. "bodyguard" yeah....his face is familiar..and he has funky glasses,too xD
GoldDragonfly (Jun 25, 2008)
:3 thx so much guys! ^^
bette_davis_eyes (Jun 25, 2008)
those glasses are amazing :O great job goldie!
DorsY69 (Jun 25, 2008)
I am looking at it again....i wish i could add this one to my is so damn good!
deathking (Jun 25, 2008)
very clean, good textures. Overall its fantastic
Cameo (Jun 25, 2008)
Your art is a favorite of mine! Great work! ;o)
M. (Jun 25, 2008)
he...oh...i like! especially the glasses!
LifeGotColour (Jun 26, 2008)
wow...amazing drawing. i love it!:)
Flubbles (Jun 26, 2008)
I used to have a pair of them sunglasses, i used to think i looked cool.But i think sunglasses are a bit gay to be honest, especially living in england when theres no need to wear them because of the weather.They should never be worn in doors or on the top of your head either. Great drawing though :P
GoldDragonfly (Jun 26, 2008)
thx so much guys! ^^ and btw, i like the sunglasses xP ( i think he looks sexy x) but dont tell him i said it ¬_¬)
Sweetcell (Jun 26, 2008)
He looks like Dave Navaro. So fuckin' amazing. Those glasses. That hair, those biteable lips. GD, you trying to outdo eveyone here? If so, THEN KEEP GOING.
DorsY69 (Jun 26, 2008)
Goldie..congratulation on the showcase :D you did it!!!!!
Aakyra (Jun 26, 2008)
Oh I am so thrilled to see you get showcase! You are so very deserving! A fantastic artist and an inspiration to everyone who loves to draw! Congratulations!
bette_davis_eyes (Jun 26, 2008)
Congrats on the showcase goldie!! Very well deserved :)
davincipoppalag (Jun 26, 2008)
Congats! If this one didnt get to the showcase , nothing would!
GoldDragonfly (Jun 27, 2008)
OMG! O.O , i just came and saw all your messages... i dont know what to say :P ... THANK YOU!!! x)
klm21 (Jun 27, 2008)
great drawing very well drawen!!!so real!!!
QTgillie (Jun 30, 2008)
this is stupendous work
bball4eva999 (Jul 1, 2008)
i seriously think that u r the best artist in the world!!! no joke!! :O if u entered a comp with everyone around the 100% confident that you would win! :O
JennyBets (Jul 1, 2008)
unbelievable! I am truly in awe of you
Asriel (Jul 1, 2008)
Who is it? It looks like a strage version of Jeff Goldblum.
GoldDragonfly (edited Jul 1, 2008)
oh no x) he is my bf... the reason of my madness xP
ilovedrawing (Jul 6, 2008)
hey golddragonfly....... its ilovedrawing from RMD i miss your drawings! but it's cool you have an account here :] great drawing!
Mrshubbyd (Jul 18, 2008)
Your talent just knows NO limit.......SPECTACULAR!
KGH (Jul 20, 2008)
Nice sunglasses. :)
Happini (Aug 15, 2008)
hi goldie!! U probubly don't no me but im happini doodle from rmd!!I had a dream the other nite that u came back 2 rmd and when i logged on there was a drawing from u!!! Can u draw hayley williams from paramore 4 me??
Xiloyd (Sep 11, 2008)
U are crazy with this details!
Userseef (Jul 31, 2009)
WOW. Thats fuckingtastic. and very realistic. great job ;)
shell (Apr 2, 2010)
Nice reflections :3
davincipoppalag (Mar 9, 2020)
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