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drawn in 2 hours 1 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
x-syndrome (Sep 26, 2003)
Sara is [c] cakesXD.
Dae Kyung is [c] me, dae.

sara is a guy. he is not a normal boy. he likes pr0ns. <3 he is also gay. and Dae Kyung's lover.

c + c before i colour plz. i would love you if you tried.
x-syndrome (Sep 26, 2003)
drawn in 1 hour 8 min
joe_shmo (Sep 26, 2003)
wow i like the animation of it you draw well!
concannon (Sep 26, 2003)
Mm, luffly. Critique, huh? Well, Sara's head is stuck oddly on his's not far enough back. And that's the only really noticeable thing I can pick up on.

Can't wait for color. o_< (PS: Love Sara's eyes and eyebrows, and your hair.)
Zinc (Sep 26, 2003)
Well done, except the head looks off the neck.
x-syndrome (Sep 26, 2003)
drawn in 7 min
i finish to shade tomorrow maybe. i have to sleep now.

my parents get angry fast.

any sugestions on colour if i can still change? i'd love you if you made comments.
concannon (Sep 26, 2003)
I feel there should be purple in there somewhere.
mazi (Sep 26, 2003)
awesome. needs all kinds of highlights/shadows but i assume you'll do that later. and yeah the neck looks off but its really damn good.
JAM-BAD (Sep 26, 2003)
great so far. do finish :)
mazi (Sep 27, 2003)
hmm have you tried the pen tool? the lines are a tad harsh, though it looks really nice, if you wanted smoother lines go for the pen.
Sixelab (Sep 27, 2003)
nicely done, the pen lines are a bit harsh, but look interesting in their own right. Kind of looks like a cover illustration or something.
Very nice, i assume you're going to do some shading ^^.
huzzah for yaoi...well suggested yaoi.
x-syndrome (Sep 27, 2003)
drawn in 46 min
eww. i hate cell shading. and the bg is horrible. gift art for my lover cakesXD <3 the lighitng is RIGHT. because the bg is not real. they are at. a photoshoot. which is why the shading is normal. :0 idk.

to those who said the lines were too rough-> i know. :3 but these lines seem to fit cell shading better. seeing as not many really like this style, i will stop it.
fabu-kun (Sep 27, 2003)
sweetness ^_^ smiles a big smile
joe_shmo (Sep 27, 2003)
i like the pic but no pupils?
good job (i like the rough edges)
Renmazuo (Sep 27, 2003)
Mwahahaha!I love these two characters, and their outfits!
Marienkind (Sep 27, 2003)
exquisite. bold colors.

eeh. crossdressing. i am not alone in the world. ^_^
mazi (Sep 28, 2003)
awesome. the shading on the metal pyramids on the collar is kick.
cakesXD (Oct 4, 2003)

you made me all pretty,thank you *you get sara hugs*

i love the choker..and pretty :3
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