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drawn in 6 hours 44 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
elly (Mar 2, 2008)
Who could pass this one up?? Ref used
elly (Mar 2, 2008)
drawn in 3 hours 59 min
elly (edited Mar 3, 2008)
drawn in 2 hours 45 min
crud. I forgot his whiskers. =(
davincipoppalag (Mar 3, 2008)
Aww how adorable! This is so well done elly! The details in the fur are great
elly (Mar 3, 2008)
Tanks dave =)
jpjp1052 (Mar 3, 2008)
Now that is too cute...and so well drawn. Love it.
Cameo (Mar 3, 2008)
I'm with Dave, this is just adorable!! I dearly love it!! ;o)
Wizzard (Mar 3, 2008)
Well! Like Tony the Tiger always says, IT'S GREAT!!!!
mooki (Mar 3, 2008)
i hate thiese things
but i love your peice, so jubilant.
lol jubilant.
elly (Mar 3, 2008)
Thanks jp, Cameo, Wizzard, & Mooki....LOL, jubilant =) I'm glad y'all like it!
QTgillie (Mar 3, 2008)
this critter is absolutely adorable and drawn quite well, I might add!!
STARZSHINE (Mar 3, 2008)
lol, you forgot his whiskers, I did that many times, you put it off til the very end, then your in a hurry at the end, and next thing you know you hit submit, and you realize oh Cra*, and then you wonder if anyone is going to notice, and probably no one does, but you know it and it'll bug ya til you fix it, or, he's soooo cute, just hanging out! adorable and a beautiful draw as always!
elly (Mar 3, 2008)
Thanks QT! I think these tiny critters are adorable too! Thanks for the compliment. BTW, doubt this matters but here in the South, we have gas stations/quicky marts called "QT". Now whenever I see one, I'll think of YOU!!! LOL =)

How do you know me so well, STARZ??? You hit it all right on the head!!! That's EXACTLY what happened as to why I forgot his little whiskers!!! Tanks girlfriend =)
Cordelia_Pink (Mar 4, 2008)
TOO DARN CUTE. It's like the little guy is telling you: "hey you! you need to comment and tell me how cute I am!!!" Then I smack myself silly for dismissing this without a comment. lol woo, way ta go, Christy.

great job on the little furball. He is so squishabble. (a word?) :D
elly (Mar 4, 2008)
LOL @ Cordelia Pink!!
Cordelia_Pink (Mar 4, 2008)
No really!! it's one of those things that expect a response from you 'cause it's looking at you with that "WHATCHA LOOKIN' AT?" look. In which, I'm prompted (not forced) to sit down and type: "OK fine, you're so darn cute. happy?!"
gel_o (Mar 4, 2008)
Very cute and very good job!
Sweetcell (Mar 4, 2008)
Purdy. Me likes berry much.
KathyH (Mar 5, 2008)
Adorable! I love this, it should have a caption that reads "Hang in there Baby!"
Zero_Lemons (Feb 26, 2010)
i like this!! Monkey hamster! My hamster used to do that in his cage XD
backmagicwoman (Feb 26, 2010)
This is soo cute..and it made me giggle when I saw it...
dorothyblueeyes (Feb 26, 2010)
I kept thinking"is this a varmint?is this a photo shop?"hamsters do this?yeah,this is so darn cute,you could put it on cards you send peiople,and you'd cute them to death;what a wonderful painting work!fuzzy with paint,yow, i want one!you have a genius for animals, i see you animating their lil furry carcasses in revivals of "toy story"films. this talent wit critters should not be wasted.colors and details of oracle says, "you will do critters,in the future,and make millions of adult kids very happy."(but what is the hamster saying,up there?"My feet are in knots,I can't get them untied!HELP!!")FABULOUS. :)
elly (Feb 26, 2010)
LOL!!!!! Baaahahaaaa@dorothy!!! Thx ^__^
lynx3jumper (May 22, 2010)
Aaaaaaaaw, soooo cute!!!! You are such a good artist... i wish I were as good as you! Great job!
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