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drawn in 12 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
elly (Feb 24, 2008)
elly (Feb 24, 2008)
drawn in 57 min
elly (Feb 25, 2008)
drawn in 41 min
elly (Feb 25, 2008)
drawn in 1 hour 29 min
elly (Feb 26, 2008)
drawn in 3 hours 55 min
elly (Feb 27, 2008)
drawn in 5 hours 9 min
Whew! that took some time! I don't draw animals very often...don't know why, this was fun! ref used.
KathyH (edited Feb 27, 2008)
OH MY GOSH Elly, this is beautiful! By the way, its me Kathy from Ginkgo! I just arrived here the other day!
davincipoppalag (Feb 27, 2008)
It's very beautiful Elly!
elly (Feb 27, 2008)
Thanks, dave. Hi Kathy! Great to see you here! Bet you're drawing away!! =)
Sweetcell (edited Feb 27, 2008)
It's beautiful and I love the eyes but the placement of the ears look.... weird.

Btw, I can't find the Ginkgo place (google only shows the herb) Do either of you have a link?
elly (Feb 27, 2008)
the ears look weird in the ref too...grayish and low on the sides of its head. Hummmm....
Cordelia_Pink (Feb 27, 2008)
12 hrs?!?!?! man, when I think about it, I actually don't have enough patience for that. Very well done.
elly (Feb 27, 2008)
Well, I doubt I sat and drew on this for even half the time it says....too many interuptions that can last much longer than I plan on! Thanks for commenting! =)
Cordelia_Pink (Feb 27, 2008)
haha yeah I guess it really depends on how long you have the applet on 'cause sometimes you forget and then you check the time and it's like "whoa!! 15 hrs?!"

actually, that's not possible. your computer might freeze and then you have to shut down... sure, you could only be gone for 7 hrs but then you have to watch your fave show on tv and then you're like "ok time to eat" and as you get back on the computer, you're like "whoa!! 15 hrs?!"

yeahhh... the cycle continues. haha
Felistorm (Feb 27, 2008)
I so love this. The cougar is my totem animal and I use that as my artist pen name sorta so major thumbs up here. :)
elly (Feb 27, 2008)
LOL C.Pink...yep! You can relate I see! =)
Thanks, Felistorm. The cougar is my son's elementary school mascot. A very "in" creature =) Glad you like it! =)
enjoydotcom (Feb 27, 2008)
Gorgeous colors! I think I have seen the ref (or there are more similar bigcat photo's). Love how soft the fur looks.
STARZSHINE (Mar 1, 2008)
another beauty elly, love the full and rich colors in this one! 12 hrs? oh yeah I can do that, but I cook and play poker too, lol, what were you doing? j.k. each one is better and better!
DorsY69 (Mar 1, 2008)
Wow..beautiful! The fur looks so soft! Absolute master piece!
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