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drawn in 5 hours 56 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
Arique (Sep 1, 2007)
I was sitting on my porch this morning thinking about how to draw trees and i concluded that no matter how much i tried, I would not be able to paint a tree as beautiful or realistic as an actual tree. Then i began thinking that artists aren't restricted to drawing trees exactly as they are. Artists have a special gift. They are able to morph realism into fiction and create new and beautiful things. You can draw real looking pictures of things that could never ever happen in real life.

That inspires me.
Arique (Sep 1, 2007)
drawn in 46 min
Arique (Sep 1, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 25 min
I recently learned that most men prefer little boobs. I have little boobs. This is good.
Arique (Sep 1, 2007)
drawn in 30 min
pancakes_rock (Sep 1, 2007)
awesome O_O loveing the hair!
Arique (Sep 1, 2007)
drawn in 2 hours 25 min
deadcat (Sep 1, 2007)
Ooh nice picture, and very nice philosphy. Artistic freedom is something beautiful.
enjoydotcom (Sep 2, 2007)
Very good, I also like your gallery in DA as well.
Arique (Sep 2, 2007)
drawn in 48 min
Arique (Sep 2, 2007)
drawn in 1 min
camadeon (Sep 2, 2007)
This is superawsome! So cool! So good colored and nice lines and.... and... wow.
Silvair (Sep 2, 2007)
Very cool :D! Lines and colours are amazing :).
enjoydotcom (Sep 2, 2007)
Awesome coloring!!!
davincipoppalag (Sep 2, 2007)
I love that rainbow slash there!
Pantera (Sep 2, 2007)
Woot very nice colouring too :)
sweet_insanity (Sep 2, 2007)
i like it, your coloring gives the crafted lineart so much valume.
and the colors rock
PS (Sep 2, 2007)
This is very original, I like it alot.
Wraith (edited Sep 4, 2007)

WOW! NICE! I wish 2draw let us save favorites. It's a very Fresh drawing. Very Pleasant to my eyes.

Oh and, I like little boobs too. Can I say that?
Manduhh (Sep 5, 2007)
I read your first edit
Well goody for me.
Love the look and the idea.
Anna (Nov 11, 2007)
wow.. i musta missed this one. the coloring is so nice!
enjoydotcom (Feb 7, 2019)
I come back to look at this artwork every couple of years, so it was high time it got showcased.
( I had to delete my 2010 comment to make sure I could comment this now, LOL)
davincipoppalag (Feb 8, 2019)
<waves to Joycie :0)
enjoydotcom (Feb 8, 2019)
Hi Dave, 🙃 :)
Trans_potato_Shrek_Anime (May 4, 2021)
Why am I just now noticing this. This is sooooo pretty <<<<<33333
WolverineAlpha (edited May 4, 2021)
Yes, I love the red hair, I have brunette.
Or as some people call it Dirty Brown -.- I almost hit my friend when she said that until she explained.
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