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Hiya everyone! =3 I'm Manduhh. Here and on Kupika.
I am one of 'those americans' that loves Japan! T__T And I don't think theres anything wrong with that. I love reading and writing manga. Or drawing it, whatever. I draw online and offline.
I'm also a Tree-hugger. And an atheist. So, incase you can't tell, I'm a very...+forgets word+... controversial person. People argue with me alot, but I usually win.
I love kitties! =3 Drawing, soccer, acting, and modelling are my top things to do. I'm hoping to be able to be one of them some day.
I'ma brunette. Blue and green eyes. =3
I wanna go to Japan!! >=( I'd love to go to high school there. xD I fantasize about those shoujo-type schools too much! xDDD

WARNING- I overuse smiles.
+big grin+ <<And the action type thingies.

=3 Adios!
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thumbnail xDD "wet hair"= sketchy.
I'm amused.
I had something clever to say, but now I have forgotten.
Sep 7, 2007
thumbnail xDDDD
I read your first edit
Well goody for me.
Love the look and the idea.
Sep 5, 2007
thumbnail DDx
looks like it came out of a manga!
Aug 26, 2007
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