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drawn in 6 hours 45 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
PS (Aug 27, 2007)
and all this way before murder was cool.
But you're memory is here, and I'd like it to stay.
Warm light on a winters day.
PS (Aug 27, 2007)
drawn in 57 min
davincipoppalag (Aug 27, 2007)
This is beautiful so far!
PS (Aug 27, 2007)
drawn in 43 min
Sweetcell (Aug 27, 2007)
Those clouds are beautiful. Lovely so far Paul.
PS (Aug 27, 2007)
drawn in 28 min
PS (Aug 27, 2007)
drawn in 52 min
PS (Aug 27, 2007)
drawn in 21 min
MelissaMissy (Aug 28, 2007)
This is beautiful. I reckon if you put it up at a gallry someone'd buy it quick. I would...if were an adult and it didnt cost too much...its soooo beautiful!
PolythenePam (Aug 28, 2007)
it's very, very beautiful
...and I love that you quoted the shins.
Miss_DJ (Aug 29, 2007)
oooo and wow! wonderfully lovely!!
PS (Aug 30, 2007)
drawn in 45 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Aug 30, 2007)
I can't resist "wide open spaces"... dead bodies or not. :) I love this. Great work.
PS (Sep 1, 2007)
drawn in 50 min
JillJJ (Sep 1, 2007)
This is definitely a beautiful landscape! Geat work the colors are amazing! Jillj
Arique (Sep 2, 2007)
This is great. Even my boyfriend said this was great.
PS (Sep 5, 2007)
drawn in 50 min
PS (Sep 6, 2007)
drawn in 56 min
Wraith (Sep 6, 2007)
Good lord! Nice scenery! Absolutely Beautiful! Every detail in this drawing is Excellent! That grassy area below cliff is the best part I think.
Pantera (Sep 6, 2007)
Well done, I like everything about it, beautiful sky :)
sincity (Sep 6, 2007)
Well done, I like everything about it, beautiful sky. .... Ditto for me. :}
davincipoppalag (Sep 6, 2007)
THis finished up really well ~
Belldandy (Sep 6, 2007)
This is really beautiful.
lori (Sep 7, 2007)
really great pic PS, my favorite of yours
enjoydotcom (Sep 7, 2007)
Oeh, I love how you finished it. That buffalo is looking sweet and huggable.
UnWanted (Sep 7, 2007)
this picture reminds me of a song.. i think.. it goes a little like this
"Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
Gonna grab some afternoon delight"
MmmmMMmm afternoon delight. Anyways, great work, the sky in the background really is very warming
Miss_DJ (Mar 8, 2009)
shell (Apr 18, 2022)
lovin it
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