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drawn in 6 hours 17 min with OekakiBBS
xvolcomx (Sep 4, 2003)
This was a pain in the @$$! I dont know what went one point the upload said in could not be found. Errrrrr!!! Anywho, ingnore the timer, I had many Oekaki problems.......Now I know.
xvolcomx (Sep 4, 2003)
drawn in 3 hours 2 min
xvolcomx (Sep 4, 2003)
drawn in 2 hours 44 min
xvolcomx (Sep 4, 2003)
drawn in 8 min
strangeoid (edited Sep 5, 2003)
Way cool now that it's done (after last edit)
xvolcomx (Sep 5, 2003)
drawn in 22 min
shinyoungKim (Sep 5, 2003)
itz really good^^ well done~!
furyofroy (Sep 5, 2003)
That speeder bike is amazing! o_O The guys head looks a little tilted, however.
misho1337 (Oct 23, 2003)
omfg! the metal looks so real
IkariIreuL (Nov 19, 2004)
Great Pic
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