boardsintermediateYou All See Something, But You Don't See Me
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drawn in 6 hours 5 min with Lascaux Sketch
Kamll (Jun 15, 2007)
I am so tired...
Kamll (Jun 15, 2007)
drawn in 3 hours 43 min
Kamll (Jun 15, 2007)
drawn in 2 hours 22 min
HunterKiller_ (Jun 15, 2007)
Interesting drawing here. What a sad character.
davincipoppalag (Jun 15, 2007)
Such a sad face, nice to see you back
lori (edited Jun 16, 2007)
it looks like a puppy dog in a pet store window and everyone's looking past it to the other animals :( it's cool to look at
whitefox0 (Jun 16, 2007)
awww it looks so sad........XD
artguy79 (Jun 19, 2007)
nice one kamll :) -funky dude
FuzzyWuzzy (Mar 8, 2008)
YAY I found my favorite Kamll! *waves at Kam* Its me Fuzzy! Alas, I found someone I know and awesome draw as usual, love your little bugger.
Sweetcell (Mar 8, 2008)
I remember you. This is a cute sad pooch and I love the way you got the look of a reflective window with the other images over lapping. Awesome.
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