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drawn in 1 hour 37 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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mazi (Aug 31, 2003) — edit
erm.. you decide. -_-
mazi (Aug 31, 2003)
drawn in 42 min
mazi (Aug 31, 2003)
drawn in 54 min
aaah shipainter bugged out i almost lost it.. >< but alas its ok.
Merulotte (Aug 31, 2003)
Ohh. The pedestrians look like Ghosts. The way the character stands out is a nice feature. The contrast with the Red and White to the darkness in the background is also very nice.
I see a little dot in the darkness to the right, but that doesn't make much difference. Great job, though... *I can't draw humans anymore*
morbidboblover (Aug 31, 2003)
ooooooooer i love it!
quintessence (Aug 31, 2003)
Fabulous. o___o My favorite bit's the one figure in the background that's turned to the side, for some reason. Just... damn. You kick all ass, seriously. *latches onto leg*

Great coat, too.
mazi (Aug 31, 2003)
O_o hey hey watch the merchandise! minimal humping please ><

lmao j/k.. besides the fact that my pants are always old and all ripped up anyways..
Einz (Sep 1, 2003)
perhaps the people in the back you meet every day but dont really know them
just vague shadows you constantly encounter in life
and i think the light shining from above means that you are the only one that understand you
blablabla spacey art babble
sorry for my crappy english
concannon (Sep 1, 2003)
Holy shit this is great. o___o I actually like the shadow people more than the subject of the pictue. They just....I dunno. But they're damn nifty.

Great job.
Gothic_Otaku (Sep 6, 2003)
:D reminds me of.....well, me! :D standin' out! *hyperness*
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