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watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 2 hours 52 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
woah_pockster (Mar 9, 2007)
yeah, that's me.
woah_pockster (Mar 9, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 34 min
woah_pockster (Mar 9, 2007)
drawn in 29 min
still not an artist.
woah_pockster (Mar 9, 2007)
drawn in 31 min
not an artist.
woah_pockster (Mar 9, 2007)
drawn in 17 min
done with this shit and guess what?

I'm still not an artist.
lori (Mar 9, 2007)
bullshit you aren't, this is awesome
NOVEMBER93 (Mar 9, 2007)
Stop lying to yourself D:<! And you are so pretty
jaded_angel (Mar 9, 2007)
c'dere she is so cute and those eyes look so sad and bull shit you are not an artist :)
TaCO (Mar 9, 2007)
O.O I love this!!!!!!!!!!
wk (Mar 9, 2007)
cmb (Mar 9, 2007)
well if you arnt- then no one is!
Punky (Mar 9, 2007)
I love this so much, you have no idea. The hair looks all soft and floaty.

So so so pretty.
brenndurdrykkur (Mar 9, 2007)
really great job on the face, so smooth
brass (Mar 9, 2007)
a lot of emotion
Kloxboy (Mar 9, 2007)
Well drawn. Artists are whiny, neurotic, pretentious and stubborn, you've got a long way to go. :D
woah_pockster (Mar 9, 2007)
thanks for the comments guys.
I'm just getting really frustrated with stuff in life, stuff with people, stuff with a significant other, and everythings just really getting to me.
one minute I'm happy, then all of a sudden I'm angry and just as soon as I turn angry I'm sad.
idk what it is, and no it's not "that time of the month"

feeling very discouraged as all, I know I'll get over it I just need this crap out of my system before I fall apart.
Hagaren (Mar 9, 2007)
I love this so much :'D

...............D: *patpat* Feel better!~ <33
Miss_DJ (Mar 9, 2007)
hey, hang in there lady. I'm going through some emotional stuff myself. Keep on drawing. It helps, doesn't it? It helps me. This piece is great...and all of the bullshit will pass. I'm counting on it. :o)
solve (Mar 10, 2007)
Damn. Very well done! I wish you would do mroe works of this taste as a change of flavor. I really am impressed by this : D
Pakasutemanshikuka (Mar 10, 2007)
Ashleeey <3 Don't be sad D`:>

This drawing is very beautiful and it has lots of emotion! I really like the colors and the expression. The eyes are pretty and how the hell did you draw those eyebrows D:? Dude, if you can draw stuff like this, you're definately an artist.
davincipoppalag (Mar 10, 2007)
This is well done! VEry did a great job@
deathking (Mar 10, 2007)
You might not be an artist, but you are an addict.
This looks beautiful though.
woah_pockster (Mar 10, 2007)
thanks so much guys you are sweet
@solve: I think I will :]
@paka: eyebrows? watercolor>pentool on 60 opacity and tip size 0>soft tool on lowwww opaticy :P>watercolor touch up <33 you hun

LOL @ DEATHKING. that made me laugh really hard :D
I love youguys so much, thanks for tall the comments
I'm going to try harder.
I will progress.
Noremac (Mar 10, 2007)

its a stylised version of you! :D
and you may not be an artist, but artist is way too taggable to anything. I prefer: Ashee, A Lady
Cameo (Mar 10, 2007)
(((((Ashley)))) This is so beautiful and expressive. I love how you did the eyes and I want to know how you did those eyebrows too! I would call you an artist.
woah_pockster (Mar 11, 2007)
@noremac: :]
@cameo: thank you. and look at my last comment I told paka how I did them :P
LadyBlader (Mar 12, 2007)
Oy~y it's BEAUTIFUL! So pretty! And realistic! This does not belong in the Beginner Boards. XD
Maiko (Mar 12, 2007)
mmm Ashley is hawtsecks.

*hug* :]
feel better~
Pseudonymous (Mar 13, 2007)
I like.
You're prettyful.
katloo (Mar 13, 2007)
beautiful expression and great colors :D
SneakyWalter (Mar 13, 2007)
Snap. The facial expression. The eyes.
fleeting_memory (Mar 13, 2007)
great style-makes it interesting to look at.
SYTHE (Mar 13, 2007)
If your not an artist, how come you draw so good? Pretty pic, I like the eyes.
woah_pockster (Mar 14, 2007)
wow you guys, thank you so much. :]
I love you all so much.
@sythe: I'm not an artist because I don't try hard enough. for a few days I lost my passion, got really frustrated and negative. I'm feeling a bit better but I thought a lot about myself and decided I want to work hard to become a proud artist.
Pantera (Mar 14, 2007)
A lot of emotion here, well done, in my opinion you are an artist :) keep it up.
woah_pockster (Mar 15, 2007)
:] thanks hun<3
Sweetcell (Mar 15, 2007)
If your not an artist I've been woefully mis-informed. This is absolutely lovely. Seriously, print this out and hang it on your wall. Or maybe I'll print this out and hang it on my wall (with your permission of course :)

I know what your going through Ashely, for the last month up until a few days ago I've been in a *meh* kind of mood about everything, not just art (just look at my last few pices) and I've been forcing myself to get involved again. It happens, but fortunately it does pass. Good for us we have art to help us through our hard times. I know it's saved me quite a bit during a really bad period in my life.

Just do what you feel like doing and eventually the muse will get off her damn couch, put her pastries aside and say "Ashely, I've been neglectful, let me make it up to you." ;D
woah_pockster (Mar 16, 2007)
hahah you are amazing sweetcell.<3
I'm glad I hav art to help me. :] I'm going to work harder on my stuff, I've already started.
I took aposter board and I've sketched out one of my drawings on it. I'm going to make it super detailed and color in the entire surface<3
it's fun so far and I'm getting frustrated and some moments I don't wnt to work on it anymore but I mke myself. haha

thank you my darling (Barb?) <3
Roytje (Apr 10, 2007)
You have to do more like this! I love it :)
gloryhog420 (Oct 17, 2012)
Crazy, I forgot about this website and how much of a fan I am of yours!
lori (Oct 18, 2012)
How could anybody forget about this site? I whisper "lascaux" in my sleep.
soumesoup (Nov 10, 2012)
holy how guys. I've been thinking about 2 draw for a couple of weeks now and have been trying to get on woah_pockster but I cant remember my email password! I will try to do a few things but I wish i could get onto this account! makes me sad.
but gloryhog: thank you so much
lori: i lol'd
this will be my new account now! soumesoup and I'm still ashley :)
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